Paradise Lost
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Paradise Lost

Parents, please, please do all summer staff a favor....

Paradise Lost

I will cease to be entertained by the little things at work (by little things, I mean kids).

I work at a neighborhood pool, and the sights to be seen are endless. Every summer brings around the same batch of demon spawn (children). Only they are year older, and a year brattier. 

These kids fall into one of two categories: the heathens, and the angels.               

The angels are the sweet kids whose parents are extraordinarily involved in the daily workings of their lives. They sit at the pool while their kids splash around and order fudge bars and candy.  The staff knows them by name because they are always so willing to help out. They sit at the concession stand window and chat with the workers because they are genuinely our friends. I will forever sing the praises of these tiny humans.                

On the other hand, we have the heathens. These kids are dropped off at 9 a.m. and are picked up at closing because their parents just cannot be with them all day. Parents are constantly complaining about them and their behavior. Just last week, one of the heathens pushed a mom, that’s right, a full-grown adult into the pool. Who taught them that was okay?      

I swear these turds were sent straight from the pits of hell to annoy everyone they come into contact with. They don’t just try and splash the lifeguards, they throw ice at them while they are on the stands. At the beginning of summer, one little nuisance climbed up onto the stand while the lifeguard was sitting up there. No, you actually cannot do that. Who told you that was okay? At least once a summer, we encounter a real gem who decided to relieve themselves in the pool. This requires the pool to close, which results in hundreds of dollars lost to drain, and sanitize the whole pool.                

So, parents, please, please do all summer staff a favor. Train your children. If you can't do so, please refrain from sending them to the pool while you go to work or lay at home. Yes, I am getting paid. However, it is not for watching your demon spawn while they bring havoc upon the country club.             

Teach your children that no, it isn't okay to smash your faces up against the glass windows. No, it is not okay to try and climb over the bar to get a better look at the baseball game on TV. Finally no, it is absolutely not okay to disrespect the workers and staff that are here to make summer enjoyable for everyone. Your fiend (child) makes my place a living hell, instead of the paradise that it should be. 

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