8 Page-Turners Every Twenty-Something Should Read
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8 Page-Turners Every Twenty-Something Should Read

Top 8 books that will keep you on the edge of your seat all summer

8 Page-Turners Every Twenty-Something Should Read

In a world filled with technology, constant buzzing from social media alerts, and people constantly talking in your ear- what better way to escape than with a good book?

However, most of us find ourselves in a ‘what do I want to read’ rut. Or we judge the book by its cover (mistake numero uno) and end up losing money and gaining a new paperweight.

So in honor of National Reading Month and spring break (prime time for some reading & relaxation!) right around the corner, here is a list of must-reads of the summer:

1. "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" by Steve Harvey

If I can recommend one book for every woman to read, it would be this book. Harvey describes for women Harvey's concept of what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment. This book will completely change your relationship and your perception of love- trust me.

2. "The Opposite of Loneliness" by Marina Keegan

The book is composed of several different parts: the introductory essay that the book takes its title from "The Opposite of Loneliness," several of Marina's short stories, and several of her essays. In the book, she talks about the struggles of moving from university life to the real world. This is a great book for anyone who feels ‘stuck’ and like they haven't got their shit together.

3. "The Help" by Kathryn Sockett

The story is about African American women working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi, during the early 1960s. This book brings up topics such as friendship, loyalty, race, and challenging social norms. If you think the movie was great, check out the book. I promise you won't be able to put it down!

4. "Love Letters to the Dead" by Ava Dellaira

This is on Emma Watson’s ‘Must Read’ book list. It starts out as an English assignment, write a letter to a dead person. Laurel [main character] writes to her idol, Kurt Cobain. She continues writing to numerous others but never turning them into her teacher. And, finally, about the abuse she suffered while her sister was supposed to be looking out for her.

Only then, once Laurel has written down the truth about what happened to herself, can she truly begin to accept what happened to May [her sister]. This is a novel that will hold your interest until the very last page.

5. "Don't Worry, It Gets Worse" by Alida Nugent

This book is perfect for anyone in their twenties, it's sarcastic, funny, and just plain relatable. This book is a simple reminder that even when our lives suck, we can still laugh about it.

6. "F*ck! I’m In My Twenties" by Emma Koenig

If you like a book with pictures and diagrams, this one is for you! Filled with analogies, illustrations, charts, list, and more makes this book a fun, easy read. Completely based on the hilarious Tumblr account, you will find yourself laughing (and relating) at the turn of every page.

7. "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks

Yes, cliché I know- but it’s a great book! Nothing beats a good love story, and with the exception of Jack & Rose, this one takes the cake.

8. "The Girl On The Train" by Paula Hawkins

Everyone loves an ‘edge of your seat’ thriller, and that’s exactly what this book is. The story begins with a bitter woman named Rachel, who idolizes what she believes to be the perfect couple, every morning on the train to work - and then one day, the wife is gone.

Happy Reading!

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