Within the next couple of weeks, most college students will be getting into a new schedule and settling into their respective universities. And for those students that have chosen a college away from home, packing and unpacking in the span of a couple days is annoying. After you spent all this time packing your belongings, you then spend the next several hours (or days) unpacking everything and settling in before classes begin that next week. There are also the questions on what to pack, how much to pack, will this all fit in the car, am I going to have enough room in my room for all of this, etc.

It's a whole ordeal. But once you're all unpacked and ready for school, nothing can stop you.

1. "I have a lot of stuff I'm bringing."

2. "We may need to take two cars."

3. "Where is all this gonna go?"

4. "God, I hate packing."

5. "If I put it off, then school will come slower."

6. "I should get a storage unit next year."

7. "I didn't realize how much stuff I have."

8. "Should I bring fall wear now?"

9. "Or just come home some weekend and pick it up?"

10. "I should probably just bring it now."

11. "Just in case it gets cold."

12. "I probably won't wear or use most of these things."

13. "But it's better to be looking at it, than for it."

14. "I think I forgot to buy toothbrushes."

15. "Was I supposed to get cleaning supplies?"

16. "Where am I going to store these suitcases and duffel bags?"

17. "I really hope I don't forget anything."

18. "I need to do laundry before I leave."

19. "I could use a nap already."

20. "Why is this stressful?"

21. "This is making me nervous to go back."

22. "I need to make sure I have all school supplies packed."

23. "I just want to watch Netflix."

24. "I'll finish this later."

25. "No, I should finish it now."

26. "It is the day before move-in."

27. "Nothing like waiting until the last minute."

28. "I should have started sooner."

29. "Oh well."

30. "Just wait, I get to do this again next year, too."