As I get back to the hustle and bustle of college, there is a lot going through my mind. As a second year I am mostly trying to get into clubs I missed to enroll in last year, try to keep up the rhythm I found works for me when it comes to studying but most importantly maintain my health.

It's easy to get swept up in college. Meeting old friends, making new friends, joining all welcome back events, meeting your new professors, moving into dorms…. The list is endless. From what I've seen people approach this colorful chaos in two different ways. One set of people embrace it and join all sorts of activities and clubs; they thrive on meeting as many people as possible and the outcome for this approach varies from rising up to the challenge and tackling on everything they placed on themselves, or dropping quite a few of these metaphorical balls and getting stressed out.

Now, the other set of people respond to the chaos by closing themselves off. They devote themselves to their education and seldom socialize. I would fall in this category or I would have last year. However, as I've figured out my limits and how to juggle this craziness, I realized I could take on way more than I previously believed. That is why I say this to all students, pace yourself but don't underestimate your capabilities.

Take time for yourself and have "me" days, where you don't do much of anything but relax, but also have days where you are exhausted after all the work you had to do. It makes the quiet days all the more special. Always remember no club, nor anything else is worth you stressing about deadlines and sleep and money. Say no, when you can't go any further but don't say no to everything.

Pacing yourself is key in college but don't go too slow!