The Pacific Hinge Region

The absolute location of a place is the exact coordinates where it is located. The absolute location of the Pacific Hinge Region is quite vast. It extends from San Diego, California at 32° 42' 55" N / 117° 9' 23" W, all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia at 55° 0' 0" N / 125° 9' 0" W. This means the exact latitude and longitude of the entire region are impossible to find. The relative location of this region is very accessible. As part of the region is in the United States, I or anyone living here could get to the Pacific Hinge Region easily. Those in areas of British Columbia may also find entering the region simple.

The Pacific Hinge Region is shown, with a blue line, on the map below:

The Pacific Hinge has a varied climate depending on which specific state you are in. The California area has a warmer, nice climate. The Oregon/ Washington area has a rainy, more tropical climate. The Vancouver area in Canada/ British Columbia has a colder climate.

The physiography and landscape also vary depending on which state you are in. The landscape in some areas is forest, some have beaches. The landscape in one area may be developed and in another area, were not developed. I think the biggest natural hazard of the Pacific Hinge is probably the changes in weather, this area has been known to have everything from wildfires to flooding, to earthquakes.

Before being settled by Europeans, the entire Pacific Coast, including the Pacific Hinge was the home of many cultures of native people, who spoke a vast array of languages. Eventually, in what would become California, the changes in discovery and travel, led to a mostly Spanish speaking state. On the other hand, the changes in Northern areas of the Pacific Hinge were mostly Russian and even Alaska was sold to the United States by Russia in 1867.

Economically, The Pacific Hinge is important because it is closer to the successful area of the Pacific Rim (and the Asian-Pacific countries of that region) more than that of any other region in the United States. This allows the people of the Pacific Hinge to take advantage of new and exciting business opportunities.

The people of the Pacific Hinge today are most often considered as being individualistic. They prefer casual dress and company, but also are known for being innovative. They have a profound sense of business management. This shows us that although the people of the Pacific Hinge region enjoy having fun and being human, they also exhibit brilliant minds and a sense of purpose in life.

In any other realm, the Pacific Hinge would be considered a core area. A core area is when a region that sits on the capital or a major coastal point allowing for better access to trade and economic advancement. This means the Pacific Hinge region is a suitable place to trade, buy, or sell goods and services. It means the Pacific Hinge has a nice flow of people and things.

In conclusion, The Pacific Hinge Region is an area full of different places that show us as a group of people. You can see many types of climates, a rich history, thriving business communities, people with purpose, and large areas where trade is important.

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