Ozuna Concert
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We Drove 3 Hours For A Concert, And It Was So Worth It

From not having a mode of transportation to losing my voice, Ozuna's concert left a mark on my life.

Milana Yagudaeva

I will start off by saying that Madison Square Garden tickets to a decent concert in NYC are ridiculously expensive — it will cost you a fortune just to see the silhouette of the performer, not to mention their facial expressions when they pour out their soul to you. Thus, my best friend and I decided that we would be better off finding another arena, perhaps in another state, to see our most beloved singer, Ozuna.

For weeks we were stuck between going to Pennsylvania or Connecticut for Ozuna's new Aura tour because the two arenas are about a three-hour drive from NYC and we could make it there and back within a reasonable time (we didn't). We chose Connecticut because we got amazing seats near the stage for a reasonable price in turn for some of our time and gas. The concert was to start at 8 PM and our plan was to get there at 7 PM to have some extra time exploring the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort; however, considering that my best friend and I were never once on time for things, that clearly did not happen.

We got ready by 5 PM and she was ready to grab the car keys when she realized she didn't know where the car is parked. Time was ticking, my waves were unraveling by the second, and Ozuna was getting closer and closer to the stage. Several tens of phone calls were made to my friend's father about the whereabouts of the forgotten Subaru but no luck in getting in touch with him. So what option did we have left?

We went down and across each block near her house clicking the car keys as we wandered, looking for any sight of response from any of the surrounding vehicles. Time was slipping, and the three-hour drive was still ahead but we could not give up because Ticketmaster made our dream come true and we couldn't disappoint our provider. After about half an hour of intense looking… we found our baby!

Obviously, we were going to be a little late because of the hold up with the car, but did that stop us from making a pit stop to get McDonald's? Nope. We sacrificed our $160 tickets for a $10 meal, how typical. Thankfully, we ended up making it to the arena and after another half hour of intense but successful searching for parking, we got to our seats at around 9 PM with still no Ozuna in sight, however an interesting looking purse sitting on one of our seats — yet another problem that had to be resolved by our conflict-hating characters. Thankfully, it was a misunderstanding.

The clock hit 9:35 PM with the sound of bass, guitar, drums, smoke, and flames of fire striking your senses, followed by Ozuna's graceful descending onto the stage as he began singing "Aura." The magic of the elegant melody was accompanied by soft purple lights, establishing a positive aura (how fitting) quickly disturbed by thousands of excited screams. With every following song, my soul trembled, and I felt literal warmth of happiness take over me.

It was that moment when he sang "Quiero Mas" that I realized how lucky I was to stand right there — so close yet so far away — and get to witness my favorite artist perform. My emotions of joy overfilled and poured out of my eye sockets with the most energetically-filled tears of my life. I was standing next to one of my favorite people who I knew appreciated this moment the same way I did.

Our night ended with sore throats, ruptured eardrums, matching bracelets, and content hearts... oh, and donuts! The beautiful Mohegan Sun entertainment area was filled with casinos, cute shops, and restaurants, along with three different Krispy Kreme stores. Needless to say, we spent an extra hour roaming around the decorated and live floors after the concert and got back home at around 3:30 AM. It was one for the books.

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