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Stop Letting Fear Dictate Your Life

You're bigger than your fears make you feel.


Life has countless opportunities, but of them, how many get pushed aside because we're too afraid to try? And maybe it isn't even the fear of failure, maybe it's fear itself that terrifies us. I know from a personal standpoint that flying has stopped me from studying abroad, but at what point can I look my fear in the face and say, enough?

For those who understand my struggle, I want to emphasize the point that fear is most commonly drawn up in the brain. A lot of our fears are centered around a threat that is nowhere near as dangerous as we make it out to be. The problem then becomes our mentality. How do we transform fear into a hurdle we can overcome when it's currently a wall we can't scale?

What I have found is that my life and my choices shouldn't be dictated by my insane fear of flying. No matter how little control I have in the situation I can find a way around it. If I truly want to go abroad or visit family across the country, my best bet is the look my phobia square in the eyes. Although I'm not sure I'll ever feel safe on a plane, it's hindering the goals I have in life. Living this way isn't healthy for my happiness, and I've decided enough is enough.

Moving forward I plan to see fear, feel its presence and make choices as if it weren't there. I've decided to live my life with fear in front of me, making decisions as it if we're not. I'd be missing out on a whole world simply because I opted out of trying. And with a mindset like that anything can seem intimidating. The snowball effect being scared has can catapult me into believing everything is dangerous. The only way out is to realize the truth. My thoughts of danger are not equivalent to reality. Fear is an enigma, and although it's easier said than done, it shouldn't choose my decisions for me.

So what is your roadblock? Is it fear of failure, or maybe vulnerability? What's stopping you from becoming the fullest version of yourself? Our mindsets and our focus can change the entirety of our futures if we learn to trust the outcomes of our choices. The concoction we make in our heads of the worst-case scenario is hardly ever the actual result. Trust the process. Believe that things will pass as they should, and better things will surface from the outcome. There's a lot more excitement out there than what our minds let us believe. Live life as if nothing is in the way, and hopefully, someday it'll become reality.

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27 Things To Do With Your Friends When You're Bored

A little bit of fun for any season.

I am sure many could relate: you are texting or sitting around with your friends and no one knows what they want to do, everyone is bored, and everyone is flat out of ideas that are actually realistic and achievable. Boredom makes an appearance at it's finest moments... always.

Here are 27 things you can do with your friend in just about any season (some are exclusive to a particular season) when boredom takes over!

1. Find a local coffee shop to try out.

2. Or better yet, find a local restaurant that you’ve all been wanting to try.

3. Go shopping at each others' favorite stores.

4. Tie balloons with positive messages inside of them to random places in your town to uplift a few souls.

5. Cook a homemade meal for a homeless person and deliver it.

6. Get crafty and create a time capsule that you and your friends can open after (x) amount of years.

7. Make your own sushi.

8. Plant flowers in little pots for your homes.

9. Road trip to random local cities and do some exploring.

10. Have a photo shoot.

11. Buy or create a blank page’s journal filled art, writing, sketches, and pictures of your friends that can be used as a memory book.

12. Visit a pumpkin patch.

13. Go stargazing in the middle of the night with a blanket and a few midnight snacks.

14. Go to a haunted house.

15. Go to a movie with the group.

16. Have a giant sleepover with board games, snacks, movies, and crazy pajamas.

17. Have a game night with the peeps.

18. Have a gingerbread making contest.

19. Have a bonfire when it gets cool outside.

20. Make homemade ice cream.

21. Search on maps for the nearest natural spring or river and go swimming or canoeing.

22. Take a camera, your group of friends, and stroll around town taking pictures of your adventure.

23. Use the pictures you take on your adventures and create a photo wall in your home.

24. Have a "Madea" movie night.

25. Throw a themed party.

26. Write letters of encouragement to children (or adults) in hospitals.

27. Look up random keywords on YouTube for possibly some of the best videos ever.

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In The Chaos of Summer, Don't Forget To Stop And Smell The Flowers

And remember, vitamin D is more important than that assignment you're stressed about.


I have only finished three weeks of summer and I am stressed. Who let me work 40 hours a week and take 2 summer classes? Apparently optimistic April Emma was feeling like a superwoman. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love working 40 hours and doing what I absolutely love. The classes? Not so much. Those are the reason I cannot sleep at night and have oddly been at peace with turning assignments in late. Side note: when did summers become stressful instead of a break? Is this what it finally means to be an adult?

However, with all of these things (well okay, only 3 but it feels like a lot), I have been learning that it is extremely important to stop and take some time for yourself.

What does that look like? Sometimes, you just have to sleep. Take an L and try again tomorrow. Or, go for a nature walk. Or, watch that one episode of your favorite tv show that's been on Hulu for weeks and you're super behind because of your schedule. Or, try a new workout class. You can also practice some mindful meditation or try painting a picture that sparks joy. There are so many things. The most important part is that you enjoy them.

I don't think that we should ever become too busy where we forget about ourselves. I've found myself doing that lately, and I need to learn how to let myself have some downtime. And you know what that's actually going to look like? I'm going to spend some mega time with Jesus. It's been a hot minute because of life, but at the end of the day, He's more important than a math class.

Summer 2019, you might be stressing me out to the max, but I'm going to take my summer back one period of downtime at a time.

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