Communication is (and has been for over a decade) almost entirely digital, if not face-to-face, IRL, human contact.

We have embedded texts, emojis, Tweets, Snapchats, likes, and shares into our daily routines, so much so that they are nearly second nature. In fact, I bet you can open your phone, with your eyes closed, and be able to open your messages, Instagram, and Snapchat apps without taking a peek at your screen.

Constantly, we are sharing tidbits of ourselves and of our lives with the world, or at least with a friend or loved one, whether it's over a FaceTime call or through an Instagram story.

We're all connected, digitally, all the freaking time.

And while that is magical and special in its own right, it's also kind of superficial and inauthentic, Snapchats disappear, Instagram stories go away after 24 hours and more posts are added to the timeline. Posts and updates get buried because everyone is sharing something all the time.

Even though those posts are always there, they're not really there. It's just some numbers and symbols coded into some digital space somewhere along with millions of other numbers and symbols coded into that same digital space. That's why we need to bring back the art of the love letter, the greeting card, the postcard and the pen pal.

There is something more significant and meaningful about holding something in your hand that days, weeks, or months ago was in the hands of the person who sent it to you, whether they live down the road or across the world. You can keep that and hold it in your hands forever.

There is something special about taking the time out of your day, breaking away from the digital universe we are so tethered to and touching your pen to paper to tell someone that you're thinking of them.

Society needs to change the ways we communicate, this can be a start. Take a chance, send a card to someone you love. You may be surprised at how it makes you feel.