How I Went From An Average High School Student, To An Over-Achieving College Student
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How I Went From An Average High School Student, To An Over-Achieving College Student

Reflecting back on my time in college, there is a handful of things that I have learned that has really helped me to be successful when it comes to being a successful student.

How I Went From An Average High School Student, To An Over-Achieving College Student

During high school, I distinctly remember simply accepting the fact that I was just your average student. The classes that I really enjoyed, I easily excelled in. While others seemed to be somewhat of a struggle.

English class was not only the easiest for me, it was also my all-time favorite. I clearly remember looking forward to these types of classes all throughout high school and would easily complete all tasks and assignments with a high A. When it come to classes such as Math and Science, it was a whole different story. I was not only not interested in what was learning, I also was truly not the best when it came to the formulas and other types of material.

As high school graduation was quickly approaching, I assumed that I would have to work extra hard in my upcoming college years, due to the fact that I was not your typical straight-A student. Little did I know that everything was about to change. Throughout the next four years, I would watch myself become the very best student that I have ever been.

Reflecting back on my time in college, there is a handful of things that I have learned that has really helped me to be successful when it comes to being a student.

1. "FOMO" isn't real 

Especially during my freshman year of college, I had an extremely hard time when it came to my FOMO (or my "fear of missing out"). When it came to my priorities, my mindset may have been slightly out-of-whack. I was way more concerned about the friendships I was trying to maintain and adjusting to my new lifestyle, rather than my school work or upcoming exams.

As I got older, I watched this trait of mine quickly fade away. I became more intrigued with other activities, ones that didn't necessarily always involve a fun night out.

I became much more aware of my future and the things in which I had to change in order to achieve my goals. Not only that, but I also started being a little less obsessed with the night-life scene.

Do I still go out and enjoy myself? Absolutely. Do I obsess over it anymore? Not at all.

This was one of the key turning points in my college career. It truly helped me get my mind on straight and be able to focus more on the healthier things in life, that really enriched my life and my happiness. Accepting the fact that FOMO isn't real was definitely one of the best things to ever happen to me.

2. Get organized; planners are everything 

One of the very best things you can ever do to improve yourself, not only as a student, but as an overall professional, is to invest in a really great and sturdy planner.

I picked up this organizational skill back in middle school when dealing with my very first year of switching classes and it has truly benefitted me ever since. Even though I have gone through stages where I claim that I don't need to write everything down, I always find myself right back into the habit of maintaining an organized planner.

Being able to see everything that you have to do in a week, clearly and simply laid out, really does help you to stay organized and complete tasks efficiently. It can be used to keep up with not only homework assignments and exams, but also so you can keep an organized work and lifestyle schedule.

3. Keep healthy 

I mean this in both a literal and not-so literal way.

Throughout my college experience, I have found that when I eat healthier, I feel so much more energized and efficient. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can do things such as eating whole foods, consuming lots of water, and keeping up with a semi-regular exercise schedule. Making little changes can truly enhance your mood, have your mind clear, and leave you feeling like you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

You never really think that not-so-great foods have that much of an impact on your body until you keep up with a consistent, healthy lifestyle. I have noticed drastic negative changes in both my mood and level of tiredness when eating things that I should probably stay away from.

"Keeping healthy" does not always have to be a topic concerned with food and exercise, it also has a lot to do with your mental state. Its important to incorporate activities into your lifestyle that enriches yourself as a person, and truly makes you happy. Doing things such as reading a good book or incorporating time in your day to watch a new episode of your favorite TV show is so important. As humans, it is really not healthy for us to live life to the extremes. What I mean by this is, balance is key. We should be 100% focused on our work, we should make time to incorporate a little bit of everything into our daily lives to maintain the heartiest balance.

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