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a list of my outlandish dreams

Over the years I found myself dreaming of a stable future. I didn't factor in actual work though...

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More often than not I've found myself daydreaming about what could be. And most of the time, what I daydream is me with careers that only the talented and educated can prosper in. Now, I'm not educated or untalented, but I am saying that it be kind of hard for me to have this career. But the more I age, the more I realize what I'm drawn closer to in regards to my career.

Keep in mind that I still question my dreams and that I've considered many things over the span of my life. But to list every dream I've had would take me forever. So here's a list of the careers that crossed my mind growing up and like four times earlier today.

1. A superhero???

Gal Gadot

Okay okay, I know this is a little impossible, but when I was younger I convinced myself that I'm totally worthy of being a superhero. I was even comfortable with the risk of being a victim of a freak accident that gave me the powers I needed to instill the fundamentals of good in those who commit evil... but then I realize that it's really painful both physically and emotionally for that to happen to a 5-year-old. So now the closest to me being a super is the power of insomnia and social anxiety.

2. An astronaut

NASA Astronaut

In fourth grade, my teacher gave me a book with constellations and nebulas that aesthetically blew my mind! That next year we went to space camp and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I really thought at that time that I would become an engineer and would use my intuition and creativity to progress up NASA's ranks. But then I realized that there's more to just looking through a telescope. You take into account the entirety of the universe and every living thing that inhabits it. Even as a fifth grader that was a very deep revelation to have, and even now still walk with the mindset that we all have to contribute to a bigger system. So, I might not be looking at stars, but I'm definitely still reaching for them

3. Professional athlete

LA Rams

Let's fast forward to the summer of 2011. Basically, my doctor said I was obese, I cried and scared my myself into thinking I was gonna die, and then I decided to play sports. I was average at best when it came to football, and played with the intent of having a healthy lifestyle instead of the intent of winning games and having a future. Then I joined the wrestling team in eighth grade and fell in love with sports as a whole. I began to play sports throughout high school and developed the dream to become an athlete in some shape or form. Whether if it's football, wrestling, or even weightlifting, I liked the dedication and collectiveness that can put into an activity. But alas I was committed emotionally instead of mentally, so now I'm here on my couch.

4. Writing


So here we are to today with my current dream, being a writer. I am majoring in Broadcast Journalism because I'd love to take the thing I learn and write and spread them publicly through tv or radio. When I was younger I had a speech impediment and would struggle explaining how I felt. After a few months of speech classes, I found the confidence to speak my mind when needed. But for a while, I would just hold all my emotions in and block out the world to avoid interaction verbally. So to have a place to where I can exert all that cooped up emotion was found within the plenty of English essays I've written back in high school. I didn't think what I wrote was clever or insightful, but the only thing I ever wanted was for people to listen to what I have to say and to take it into consideration.

Hence me writing for Odyssey and having the desire to work in media. ESPN or VICE are companies I'd love to work for mostly because the content they produce can offer a different aspect of certain events and stories. I want to learn people's stories and tell them to others. And with that kind of opportunity to grasp different realities and storylines is almost something that every person should have the desire to experience.

5. Late Night host

The Late Show

Last, but not least a Late Night Host. I like sitting, and I like talking about things I deem important. So it's kind of a no-brainer for me to have the desire to become a late night host. Plus, we need a little more diversity on the big networks. Host likeDesus and Mero, and Trevor Noah are paving the way for me and other people to change the late night game. But frankly, I would be the cooler Steven/Stephen on television! And even though we have the same MBTI type(INFP), that does not stop me from taking over and ascend up the Late Night ranks...

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