You are not the person you were a year ago and you are not the same person you were six months ago. Life is all about changing and growing as a person and going through different life experiences. The cool thing about this thing called life is that we each have our own story that is special and unique to us.

No two stories are the same.

As we grow older we begin to find ourselves and what we want out of life. We often like to think that the people we have had around us since we were young, will always be there, no matter what. We hear these stories about people keeping friends from when they were in preschool or kindergarten, and it is okay if that is not the case for you. It is OK to lose people along the way, but not forget the lessons that person has taught you.

I believe that everyone we meet in our lives serves a purpose and teaches us a lesson, whether that lesson is good or bad.

It is OK if you are not friends with someone anymore, or feel like you need to let a friendship go because it is not beneficial any longer. Just because you feel like you need to move on from a relationship, does not make you a bad person, and does not mean that person is not a good person or friend.

Change is scary, because of the fear we all have that we will not be okay or be happy if we change a current situation and we hold ourselves back from experiencing new things. I have heard time and time again that friendships are no longer working out and that things are not like they used to be. Yet that person continues to stay in the same situation because it would be weird to change things and not surround themselves with the people that have been in their lives for so long.

The reason for that is simple, you both changed and grew. Nothing can stay the same forever, and that is something even I struggle with understanding.

Nothing is permanent and nothing is promised.

Sometimes life is great and we grow with the people around us, and sometimes life isn't so great and we begin to drift apart.

Growing and changing is a part of life, and sometimes you may lose people along the way, but that is OK.

Do not make time be the only reason you keep relationships, both intimate and friendship based. If you feel deep down its time to let go, take it as another life lesson and cherish the memories that were made.

Life is a beautiful thing and it important to get as much out of it as you can, and to take all life has to offer.

It is OK to outgrow people.