10 Outfit Ideas For Lollapalooza 2019
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10 Outfit Ideas That'll Put You Front And Center At Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza 2019 is quickly approaching and that means it is time to figure out which outfits to wear. Whether you're wearing one outfit or 10 outfits, here are some fun outfit ideas that will make you look amazing and feel comfortable at the same time.

10 Outfit Ideas That'll Put You Front And Center At Lollapalooza

With Lollapalooza starting within a matter of months, everyone is scrambling to find hotels to book, tickets to buy, and more importantly, find outfits to wear. With the crazy Midwest weather, it can be difficult to figure out the right outfits to wear when the weather could be 90 degrees and sunny or 50 degrees and rainy. However, no need to fret! I have created a list of different outfit ideas that'll make your Lolla experience fun and enjoyable.

Skirts and shorts

Skirts and shorts will be your best friends when attending Lollapalooza. Since August is one of the most brutal summer months for the Midwest, wearing skirts and shorts will prevent you from overheating. Any type of short and skirt will be fine, however, I would steer clear from denim unless the weather is somewhat cool. Light colors and light fabrics will help your legs breath in the awful heat while ensuring you are cool enough to stand and watch the performances all day.


Neon is back and hotter than ever, so why not incorporate it into your Lolla look? Neon colors are being incorporated more now with different animal prints like snakeskin and cheetah print. Adding these looks to your Lolla outfit lineup will make you stand out from the crowd. Pairing the different neon animal prints will add a playful and edgy side to your outfits, which is what you're looking for when attending music festivals.


Since the weather will more than likely be blistering hot around this time of year in Chicago, adding mesh pieces of clothing will help cool you off without you having to wear less and less clothing. Mesh shirts and shorts have been popping up on many different websites this time of year in preparation for the festival season, and you can find great pieces for a relatively cheap price.


With any music festival, you always have to have some piece of your outfit that will stand out. Adding in items that have sequins will be a sure fire way to get you noticed!


Fringe is another style trend that has been popping up in clothing stores this time of year. It adds a flowy texture that gives a little bit of life to outfits.


You may be thinking, "Mason, feathers? Really?" Trust me, having some piece of clothing with feather details is super hip. Many stores are incorporating feathers into everything from patterns on shirts and shorts to jewelry. Feathers are very trendy this time of year, so including them in some way will make your outfit pop.

Floral prints

Floral prints are always in, and they are a great pattern to navigate towards when deciding what to wear for a music festival. During the summer season, you will have no problem finding some kind of floral-patterned clothes. Many times, those pieces of clothing are very flowy meaning that the summer heat won't affect you as much. Floral print goes with many other pieces of clothing as well, so you will have many cute options for what outfits you want to wear.

Gold everything

Anything gold will definitely get you noticed at a music festival — be extra and wear large amounts of it. Personally, gold is my favorite color, so I am all for that golden touch on outfits. It is timeless! So many clothing stores have shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, etc. that have gold on them — finding something to make your outfit pop will be no problem, trust me.

Comfy (yet stylish) footwear

Comfy and stylish footwear is a must all year long, but it is especially essential for music festivals when you're standing around all day. Brands like Converse, Vans, and Sperry's have very comfortable shoes for a reasonable price. A music festival pro tip: close-toed shoes are what you are going to want to wear.


Headpieces are always a great cherry-on-top to an outfit. To play it safe, people will aim more towards subtle headpieces made with flowers, tassels, or crystals since these things go great with many styles of clothing. A lot of festival goers choose to DIY their headpieces to personalize them, but many stores sell headpieces that will work just as well and make your outfit amazing!

After reading this article, I hope you have found some ideas for your outfit(s) for the music festival season and more importantly Lollapalooza. Attending Lolla, especially your first time, can be fun and sort of overwhelming especially when you are worrying about what to wear and how you will look. Hopefully, I have been able to take some of that fear away by making this guide to help you make your decision as to what to wear to Lollapalooza 2019.

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