Hey HS Seniors, Here Is Why You Should Go To School Out Of State
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Hey HS Seniors, Here Is Why You Should Go To School Out Of State

I promise, it is worth it.

Hey HS Seniors, Here Is Why You Should Go To School Out Of State
Caleb Woods

Being an out of state student has its ups and downs but no matter what those are, the experience that comes from being one is overall amazing. If you are currently getting ready to graduate from high school and having a million different questions and scenarios run through your head let me shed some light on going to a school away from home.

These are the reasons you should:

1. Independence

For the last 18 years or so, you have depended on your parents. Being on their schedule, having a routine centered around family, and living under their rules are all parts of growing up. Once you move out, especially to another state, that all disappears.

This is both frightening, but even more so, thrilling! You have the chance to really prove to your parents, and especially yourself, that you are able to make decisions that will ultimately form you into a person that is confident in how to manage life without dependents.

2. Experiences

This is one that I find to be the biggest perk because of the opportunities that life can bring. I managed to move to a completely different place, not knowing a single person, and end up with a group of people that I am happy to call my friends, if not family! There is a whole world out there which is something I learned very quickly once I moved out of state.

3. Because, why not?

Yeah, you may be looking at schools in-state because it’s familiar and it is within your comfort zone but really look at why you want to stay in state. If doing so feels like you’re in the right direction then that’s great, but if you keep getting that feeling as if the out of state school is pulling you there, GO! Just take the leap of faith and do it because it will most likely be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

You were probably wanting more than just three reasons as to why you should go out of state but what I have here is really all you need (Yes, I am sure that there are other reasons to go out of state that could be more logical and well thought out but take this with what you will).

I have lived out of state for the past two years now which honestly is not very long, but it is definitely is long enough to realize that I still have a way to go until I am a pro at living on my own. It requires a lot of patience and time because it is a learning process. Although it is a process, I find myself never regretting the decision because I learned a lot about myself, others, and the world around me.

With this said, high school seniors especially, I hope you really consider taking a chance at moving away from home in order to help you really discover what it is that you are seeking in an institution, education, and in life.

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