It may be juxtaposing to write a poem about technology usage on a website, although this is one of the platforms which differs from the technology usage which affects many millennials. Growing up as a teenager with easy access to social media, it is notable that this access has shaped our lives in the past and will in the future.

Out of Touch

Times have changed and the times have changed us. Days are now wasted tapping on glass, clicking buttons and waiting for notifications. It's a habit, an addiction. It's the problem.

Is technology really as great as it seems? People say we are more connected because of it. But why do I feel so distant from the ones I love and care for?

Issues tear people apart. Arguments go unsolved. All because texting is easier than confrontation.

Now these aren't the only issues with technology. What about friends? Having friends or being well liked isn't about being genuine anymore. It's about likes, followers and retweets. But those are just numbers.

Those numbers somehow define everyone. We double tap to show approval, seek satisfaction from those we don’t know, And block people to protect ourselves.

Can we auto-correct these errors and go back to more simple days? Simplicity and purity of life is often overlooked.

Like a disease, technology infiltrates our bodies. Mutating us until we're sick. Pushing us further from the natural beauty of life.

Life is about making new memories, And no, not Snapchat memories.

Can we unplug technology before it unplugs us?