The climate is changing, so why aren't we? Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. Heat waves intensify more and more each year. Human population is growing, the production of greenhouse gases is escalating. Global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come. The climate is changing, so why aren't we?

Our climate is changing. Warmer climate, means more droughts and more heat waves. It means shorter precipitation patterns, more intense and frequent wildfires, tropical storms, and hurricanes. It means the degradation of soil consistencies. Soil, a nonrenewable energy source and a mixture of organic matter that supports life, will reduce significantly at an astonishing rate.

Climate change is a direct threat to agriculture. Where, when and how we grow the food we eat is directly related to our climate's natural patterns. Degradation of soil, and extreme natural disasters directly affects our ability to produce the food we consume for ourselves and the entire world.

The climate is changing. Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense. Hurricane rates are projected to increase as climate continues to warm. Warmer climate means climate "refugees." It is a term that will become more apparent to us if we do not change our actions as individuals or partake in the much needed social change regarding environmental issues. By 2100, sea levels will rise approximately 1-4 feet. Warming climate means melting ice, which means the expansion of sea water. Our Arctic will like become ice-free, before the mid-century.

That's in 30 years people. Our climate is changing.

It is is warming and it is directly affecting not only us, but the existence of humanity, including every single living organism and species on this planet.

Our climate is changing. Warming temperatures means warming of waters too. Global warming causes ocean acidity, which is changing the natural production and reproduction of animals, as well as killing them. From polar bears losing the ice underneath their feet, to coral and shellfish suffering from the increase of ocean water's pH, global warming is affecting marine life and life dependent on the ice disappearing beneath them. Our contributions to climate change is only increasing the extinction rate for all species by 10,000 times.

The climate is changing so why aren't we? Forests are weakening, due to prolonged droughts and the cycling of warmer weather. Global warming is killing and destroying all forms of life, as well as our ecosystems and the food in which we need to survive ever so quickly and slowly.

Our climate is changing, and we must change.


Do your part to make your difference in the world, and urge othersto do the same.

The existence of humanity depends on it.