The 91st Academy Awards are less then two weeks away. With just days left until Hollywoods biggest night, the show still has no host. Kevin Hart was suppose to emcee. The actor and comedian stepped down after homophobic tweets from a decade ago surfaced. Since then, a host has not been found. This might just be the first time in three decades, where the show has no host. With time running out, here are people that are Oscar worthy to emcee.

1. Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy 

They have made appearences there before. After starring in movies, having a couple of televison shows, and even winning awards, who says they can't host it?

2. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Everyone's favorite mice just turned 90 recently. Hosting the Academy's, is something a 90 is capable of doing. Especially if they look as good as Mickey and Minnie. In years past, Mickey himself has been nominated, won an award, and made an appearence. Although she hasn't had that type of success, Minnie has still been there before. Just like Kermit and Miss Piggy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have never hosted

3. Pete Holmes

Whether it's Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Macfarlane, or Ricky Gervasis, many comedians have emceed the big night. Holmes is another one who can take over the stage and bring laughs to the room and viewers.

4. The Dolan Twins

They might not be stand up comedians. That doesn't mean they aren't funny. YouTube stars Grayson and Ethan Dolan, captivate YouTube subscribers with funny videos on their channel. Giving them the chance to dominate the stage for the biggest award show, wouldn't just be a massive part of their careers. It would also increase viewership in younger audiences.

5. Shane Dawson

Youtube gave him fame as well. Just like The Grayson Twins, Dawson is another known YouTuber. He's also another Oscar worthy host for Hollywood's biggest night.

6. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin

They've dominated stage numerous times on SNL and emceed back in 2010. Compared to the others, Baldwin and Martin carry experience.

7. Chelsea Handler

From network to streaming, Handler has been almost everywhere. Handler's netflix talk show, recently concluded after only two seasons. Hosting The Academy Awards, would give her something to do.