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To The Ornaments On My Christmas Tree, Thank You

Thank you for helping me deck the halls.

To The Ornaments On My Christmas Tree, Thank You
Emily Baehner

Every year Thanksgiving passes by like the leaves that fall from the trees, suddenly and effortlessly, giving way to the Christmas season. And suddenly the most important trees in our lives are not those with red, yellow, and orange leaves, but rather those with pine needles and bright lights.

Our Christmas trees.

Wrapped in twinkling lights, topped with a bright star, and wearing garland scarf, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the holiday season. But it is the ornaments that we pull out of the box to dress the tree that gives it the real meaning.

Each one with the potential to inflict the memory of a Christmas past, a nostalgic trip into recollection, and an execution of holiday tradition.

Maybe they signify the commemoration of a milestone. Maybe it's an ornament that was passed on from one relative to another, an heirloom as precious as the person whose tree it used to hang on. Or maybe it's the ornament shaped like your dog because everyone else had a personalized ornament on your tree except for your fluffy, four-legged friend. Any which way, each one is a special part of your own holiday traditions.

Whatever your ornaments may look like, whatever size, color, and shape they may be, each one brings a certain level of excitement. Pulling the box of ornaments out of your garage, dusting off the top, and unloading each one, reminded of the unique story behind each one. And that's the magic of a Christmas tree. That such a universally recognized and beloved symbol of Christmas can still have so much intimate meaning, family uniqueness, and personal relevancy.

A Christmas ornament is a memory that you can hold in your hand. There's a lot of beauty in that, don't you think?

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