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23 Things Every College Freshman Will See, And Take In, At College Orientation

8. The dining hall.

23 Things Every College Freshman Will See, And Take In, At College Orientation

When you go to college orientation, you're taking the second-to-last step to start college. It's a big step, and orientation is a crash course to show you how you sign up for classes, introduce you to your college friends and classmates, and also prepare you for life going forward. Here are 23 of the many things you will learn at orientation as a college freshman.

1. You'll have to 'adult' now

Mom and Dad won't always be around to cook food for you, and even though the dining halls are there for you, you have to manage your time based on your schedule. At orientation, your schedule is the way orientation is set up, and during school, it's your class times and extracurricular activity times that you have to manage.

2. College is what you make of it.

Make the best of it with as many experiences as possible. But you also have to be responsible.

3. Some people seem like they're just NOT ready for college

You might see some people from your orientation group that are absent from orientation activities or are out much later than they should be for orientation's sake. Because orientation is tightly scheduled, you wonder if those people are actually ready for college.

4. Some people seem like they're ACTUALLY ready for college.

You'll also see those who are very punctual and attentive to every detail of how things need to be done.

5. You are required to take certain classes.

Because every degree requires a specific set, or type, of courses.

6. Their college campus

This is an obvious one.

7. Places to eat that are not the dining hall

Assuming you have the money, you can eat in places other than the dining hall.

8. The dining hall

Have I talked about this enough?

9. The dorms

You'll be staying in one during orientation, or at least during your freshman year.

10. Another college student's dorm room

You aren't expected to match everyone else's style, but there will be a handful of people who willingly let their dorm room be displayed to orientation students to see how it can be decorated

11. Places to study

These are part of the college campus, but you will need them.

12. The book store

You will need to buy your textbooks for college. They're not bar-coded out to you anymore.

13. Places to work out

You'll want to work out a lot during your first year of college. Don't fall into the Freshman 15 because it's a real thing.

14. Learning sessions

You will learn about how to live on your own, you'll see police officers speak to you and give you tips for making sure your experience is as great and safe as can be. Your orientation leaders will also be speaking to you to give you advice.

15. Friends

You'll be meeting people at orientation.

16. People who aren't exactly friends

You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and not everyone will be your cup of tea. And THAT'S THE TEA.

17. The school spirit store

Get as much spirit wear for your school as you want to have. Or as little as you want. Either way it's fine.

18. People who don't know what they want to do after college

It happens during orientation. But college is a time for you to figure it out.

19. People who know what they want to do after college

Kudos to these people. They've made up their minds.

20. Personalities

Everybody has their own.

21. Parents

Yes, there are parents attending orientation with their kids.

22. That some people have to move in early

Not everybody can go home for another few weeks before school starts.

23. Their lives will change

Based on numbers 1 and 2, you'll see that college is an opportunity to experience, learn, and create for yourself. Find a balance of working hard and having fun, and you'll see that as you immerse yourself in your university and the things it has to offer, you'll see the impact they have on your life.

These are 23 of the many things college freshmen will see at orientation. Some of them will be as expected, some not so much. Others will be crazy that you wonder what you're doing there to have to see that before school even starts. But no matter what you do, enjoy the next four years and orientation days of your life.

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