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6 Ways To Stay Organized And Succeed In College

Tips n tricks.

6 Ways To Stay Organized And Succeed In College
Ashley Rogers

The first way to stay organized in college is to have a planner that you put everything in. Put everything from your homework to clubs and organizations in a planner. I personally have two different planners for these things. I have one planner that is for homework and I write the homework down on the day that it is due, so it is easier to see what is due first out of everything. I have a second planner for everything besides homework. This planner is an hourly planner where I write down everything that I am doing each day in the correct hour slot, so I have a whole map of my day laid out.

The second way to stay organized in college is to keep different folders and notebooks for each class. Doing this helps you to keep each class organized and helps to not lose anything. This also helps you to study and prepare for tests and classes.

A way to succeed in your college classes is to review the material that will be gone over in your lecture before class, so you familiarize yourself with the concepts. If you do this then you will know what is going on and be able to pay more attention to what your professor or instructor is saying instead of trying to understand the material when you are hearing it for the first time. Then after class you should review the material within twenty-four hours to get the material to stick in your head.

Another way to stay organized in college is to get desk organizers. Get organizers for your books, pens, pencils, highlighters, and erasers. Get organizers for everything, because it will make your college life so much easier. Having organizers for everything will help you to know where everything is and it will take less time to find things.

Another tip to succeed in college is to form a group of friends that generally take the same classes to study together. I have done this already this year and it has helped me so much in my classes already. Having a group of friends that are in your classes takes a lot of stress off of everyone in the group. Everyone will have different strengths and will be able to help everyone else with the things that they understand. Even if none of you know how to do something, more often then not, you can put your heads together to figure it out.

Another tip to succeed in college is to go to your professor's or instructor's office hours. If you are scared to go to their office hours by yourself, you can always get a friend to go with you. Office hours are the best time to get one on one help with things that you do not understand. If you are struggling in a class, you should go to the office hours before you fall too far behind in the class.

These six tips will help you to succeed in college and in your classes. I highly recommend doing these things and sticking to them.

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