Organic chemistry is one of the institutions invented so that the "weak ones" can be weeded out from pre-med. Of course, it is.

What other purpose can this diabolical subject serve other than that? Well, now you're taking it because you don't want to be weeded out. Plus, just talking about atoms excites you (you see what I did there? No? Okay.)

So before you run into all of those negative comments that are enough to compose an electron cloud, let me shed some light on the beauty that is organic chemistry.

1. The Formula For Success

I haven't come across a more telling diagram. It is exactly what Organic Chemistry is comprised of. Fear gives rise to ignorance which then compiles into hatred. Your fear of Orgo will, in fact, lead to ignorance and you will end up hating Organic Chemistry. So put all those fears aside and step in with a positive attitude.

2. Relax. Breathe. You Got This.

What's more relaxing than chilling on a beach chair that's a cyclohexane chair conformation? That guy looks so relaxed. And that is how Orgo should be. You should see the pun...I mean fun in little things. To succeed at something, you should make it enjoyable and look at it from a different angle.

3. Throw Away The Negativity

Okay. So at first, it might seem that way. And yes, in the beginning, some of it might actually be wrong. But that's the time to ask yourself, "Why is this wrong?" and "How can I approach this from a different angle?" Now is the time to ask questions. Once the topic changes the little spot of confusion can multiply and come to haunt you later. ASK THOSE QUESTIONS!

4. Remind Yourself Why You're In It

That. To me, at least, is COOL. I'm in it for that and to know why and how it occurs. And then I plan on going to med school. So if you're having second thoughts, think of your "why?"

5. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Maybe one more PRACTICE will do the trick. So yes. PRACTICE. Do problem sets. Orgo can't be learned in a day. Concepts need be reiterated and recited over and over for them to make sense. And that only happens get the point.

6. Keep Moving Forward!

No, it doesn't get any worse. I promise. As long as you take charge and stay put.