I got to watch the sun come up with you on the horizon.

I got to see you gleaming through the clouds like you do

on any given day.

I got to experience how your eyes work

as you attempt to take in the morning glory,

each dew drop capturing your essence.

For once I got to see the lay of the land

through your widened pupils,

in your child-like ignorance.

Which, by nature, can only be so.

I sit upon the proverbial fence for you,

so that you can hear the cockerel crowning on

so early in the morning.

To be that bewildering sound

that puts a pep in your step.

So unnatural

and yet known by nature

I came in attached to you,

and I came out attached to you.

The thing is

if you came out

attached to me,

or at some point in between

ignorance and bliss.