Opeth: 'Still Life' Album Review

Opeth: 'Still Life' Album Review

'Still Life' is flawless thanks to its terrific concept, song writing, vocals, and instrumentation


Mikael Åkerfeldt - vocals, guitars

Peter Lindgren - guitars

Martin Lopez - drums

Martín Méndez - bass

Additional info:

Recorded at Maestro Musik and Studio Fredman studios.

Produced and engineered by Opeth and Fredrik Nordström.

Still Life is the fourth studio album by Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth. It was released on October 18, 1999 through Peaceville Records. The album's total length is 62:31. It was the first Opeth album to feature Martin Mendez on bass. Martin Mendez's addition would mark the beginning of Opeth's classic lineup.

I will start by saying that Opeth's previous album, My Arms, Your Hearse was basically a perfect album, but Still Life redefines what perfection is. There is literally not a second of this record that does not feel perfect. Every melodic vocal. growl, guitar riff, bass line, and drum crash is perfectly placed on this album. I seriously cannot come up with a single flaw that this album has. The production value is also amazing and really allows the music to sound powerful. The concept of the record is also very dark, but told in such a beautiful way.

Top Tracks:

1. "The Moor" (My favorite song of all time probably)

2. "Serenity Painted Death"

3. "Godhead's Lament"

Grading Scale:

1-1.5: Garbage

2-2.5: Awful

3-3.5: Bad

4-4.5: Disappointing

5-5.5: Mediocre

6-6.5: Satisfactory

7-7.5: Good

8-8.5: Great

9-9.5: Excellent

10: Perfect

My Verdict:

Still Life is a work of art. It has so many beautiful melodies and so many contrasting heavy moments that will literally make you as a listener want to listen to this album and only this album for a week straight. Seriously, this album deserves a 20/10, that's how amazing it is. This album has no flaws and is the best album of all time. In my opinion of course.

Grade: 10/10

Cover Image Credit: youtube.com

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