To My Little Sister As She's Starting Freshman Year Of College
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To My Little Sister As She's Starting Freshman Year Of College

You're my other half.

To My Little Sister As She's Starting Freshman Year Of College
Eye Em

“A women without her sister is like a bird without wings.”


I am writing this because in a few days I will be helping you move into your first college dorm room in a town that isn’t our home. I have made a lot of mistakes, and hopefully you won’t make the same ones I have. I don’t want you to have to learn the hard way like I did. I am writing this because I want you to strive and be the best you God intended for you to be. I am writing this because I love you and want you to be the strong, courageous, and amazing woman I know you can be. I am writing this because the world sucks sometimes and I want you to know what I didn’t know.

Things happen and things change. Don’t be scared of change. You’ll fall down sometimes, but always remember to get back up. College is a whole different ball game than high school, but I know you’ll knock it out of the park with your charisma, your intelligence, and your bravery. You want everything to be perfect in your life (like me, duh), but just know not everything is perfect. You may panic; feel like you’re trapped, and that you cannot escape. Just know you can do it. If not, I am always a phone call away.

Not everyone is as nice as they seem. Always have your guard up, and be aware of your surroundings. There is so much hate and anger in this world, but there are also amazing people. You will meet all different kinds of people. Just know you may not be friends with the people you first meet. Don’t just stick to them. Broaden your horizons with different people. College is full of variety. I am so excited for you to experience college, yet terrified at the same time. I hope you find someone as amazing as yourself. Surround yourself with happy people who only want to see you succeed. A friend isn’t going to smile when you’re falling. (I’m allowed to laugh when you physically fall though…)

I hate to think that one day you will go through heartbreak, but doll it will happen. You’ve seen me go through it a couple of times. It sucks, but I got through it with your help. Luckily we were best friends from the day you were born. You know that I will be there for you. I will be your shoulder to cry on, yet help you burn all the mementos you once cherished. Boys will come and go, but sisters are forever. If you ever want to talk, you know I will drive to you at whatever time your heart desires. Heartbreaks are a lesson in disguise. You know “a heartbreak is a blessing from God. It’s just his way of letting you realize he saved you from the wrong one”

Mom & Dad are pains in the butts, I know trust me. BUT, they love you with all their being and only want the best for you. They want you safe and happy (as do I). They are proud of you no matter your change in major, religion, or hairstyle (although, please don’t show up with a mohawk.) I know they make your eyes roll, but they mean well. Try and call them every once in a while, because they are dying without you here at home. Remember, it has been you and them for the past 18 years, and now it has all changed. Going to college doesn’t just change your life, but theirs too.

You are honestly my other half, and to think you’re by yourself in a different city scares me. On the other hand, I am beyond excited for you to experience college like I did. New city, new friends, new small room (yay), and new lessons.

Always remember you are dearly loved. Our parents love you. Our family loves you. God loves you. I love you with all my heart. You are my little sister, yet you inspire me every day. You always see the good in people, yet you know your limits. I have always admired that about you. Your golden heart shines through you and everyone takes notice. You’re my little sister, but I have always looked up to you (not because you’re taller than me by like a foot), but because you always encourage me to follow my dreams no matter how many obstacles are ahead of me. I love you dearly.

Remember, be true to yourself, never let anyone take advantage of you in any way, and most importantly, know I am always here for you. I love you my little annoying sister.

You’re forever my other half.

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