Please, Open Your Mind About The Kavanaugh Case
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Please, Open Your Mind About The Kavanaugh Case

I don't care if you believe Dr. Ford or not, open your mind and look at the facts.

Please, Open Your Mind About The Kavanaugh Case
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I want to talk about the Kavanaugh case. The case that has been in the headlines for quite some time. The case that has brought up things that no one likes to talk about. The case that has made it, according to some, so that there is a "war on men."

I don't normally write about controversial topics, but there is something not sitting right with me about this one. It's not about the fact that people have continuously attacked Dr. Ford's claims, it's about the fact that they attack her claims because, "she's just trying to tear down a successful man." They dismiss her because she's just a hurt democrat with a political agenda. They ignore and mock her not only with fake photos of her at the age of her assault, but the president of the United States publicly mocked her testimony at a rally - but the saddest part of that? The crowd clapping and cheering as he mocked Dr. Ford. The president's constant tweets throughout the days have included one where he talks about the harsh and unfair treatment of Judge Kavanaugh from the, "mean & despicable Democrats." From the moment she came forward, it was no longer about the fact that this woman is hurt and has been broken down by a sexual assault at a young age, but from that point on it was about politics and the fact that because Dr. Ford is not a republican, that she's lying and all of her allegations are uncorroborated and false.

Whether you think so or not, whether you believe Dr. Ford or not, I refuse to dismiss her, to call her names, to mock her, or to be as despicable as those who have done exactly that to her throughout this entire ordeal.

The reason for the title of this article though is because I want everyone to look at the facts of this in their rawest form. Kavanaugh, 53 and Ford, 51 were both born in the Washington, D.C. area and raised in and around the area of Bethesda, MD. Approximately the same age, from the same area, ages 15 and 17 in 1982, the year of the alleged assault. Bethesda, although a city of between 60,000-65,000 people, no one can deny the fact that there is a chance, even the smallest one that at some point, Ford and Kavanaugh crossed paths. Especially, due to the fact that they were in the same age group and in the same city at the same time. Now no matter if you believe it or not, there's no denying the small chance that they just happened to cross paths and if that is the case then that means that there is a chance that her claim is true.

I personally, believe her. If you don't? Fine. But to me? Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is courageous. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a Dr. of Psychology, a woman who was sexually assaulted, and a woman who spoke out about her sexual assault, not because she wanted to but because she felt she had to - to protect others and help those who needed the help and inspiration to speak out about what has happened to them. A woman who has made a difference by coming forward.

This is not a war on men. This is not about politics. This is not a matter of whether she's lying, or telling the truth, because people only see what they want to see in this. They see someone with a political agenda. I see someone who wanted to prevent this from happening to others. They see a liar. I see someone with courageous truth, who wants justice for herself and others.

Now, moving to the idea that her allegations are false and that she is supposedly, only trying to bring down a successful man. Who needs to bring down a successful man, when they themselves have their own successful life? The idea that she's lying about the whole thing, why make up such a story when you know that there is bound to be backlash towards you and your claims? I will agree that yes there are those that make up false allegations for their own personal pleasure, and yes I will agree that I think those who falsely accuse to be proven false deserve to be punished. But, does that mean we should automatically dismiss all claims due to a few who have falsely accused others.

Sexual violence statistics are astounding - 1 in every 6 American women are the victim of some type of sexual violence. The statistics don't lie, yes, people do, but the numbers don't and this is only based on those that we know of. A lot of victims do not come forward with their stories, and often times horror stories like this, make it so those who haven't reported push their pain deeper and deeper. I admire those who come forward, inspired by stories like Dr. Ford's.

I realize how long this article is getting to be, so in conclusion, I would like to say that you don't have to agree with my view on this case. You don't have to believe Dr. Ford's testimony, you can believe Judge Kavanaugh - enough people did to get him voted into the Supreme Court. But please remember, that almost everyone has a story like Dr. Ford's, and although you might not believe it, but the stories being told are not to attack men. There are some good ones left in the world and we can be thankful that those who are good around us are the way they are. I think that in this situation, everyone is innocent until proven guilty - just like those involved in other crimes. Those who are proven false should be punished, those who are proven true should be helped, and those who come forward should be believed unless proven otherwise.

I stand with Dr. Ford, I believe her and am inspired by her courage to stand tall against the man who hurt her, who I believe to be Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I believe survivors. I believe women, men, everyone, until proven otherwise. Stand with and be kind to those who speak out, and most importantly, open your mind and listen.

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