Dear Queso,

As I sit here writing this, I'm enjoying my last few days in the land of good Tex Mex, tacos, and queso (if you couldn't guess, I'm from Texas). I can't believe that 3 months with you has already flown by, and I don't know how I'll survive this coming semester without you.

You may be the reason I don't look like a VS Angel have a perfectly flat stomach, and you're definitely the reason I go to the gym so often (so I can eat more with less guilt). But it's okay because every time the waiter brings you to my table, my eyes just light up. You're the perfect pairing with chips, tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, and just about every other Tex Mex food item, and it's worth every fat-laden, gooey calorie I end up consuming.

Sure, non-Texans don't understand why you're so great; one of my friends said "it's just spanish for cheese, so it can't be that special," but I always reply with "well come to Texas, and I'll show you why queso is so great." And many people question my sanity when they realize my iPhone corrects "queso" to "QUESO" (because anytime I talk about you, I get excited okay?). Then people wonder why I hate jarred queso, it's because the jarred queso in grocery stores is nothing in comparison to what you can get in Texas; it's like comparing Dr. Pepper to generic/off-brand Mr. Pibb, it's gross and an embarrassment to soda.

So while I may not know what I'll do without you for the 2 long months between now and my fall break, I know that I will have my mom drive me straight from the airport to Torchy's so I can get you back in my life.

Until October,

Your Devoted Queso-Loving Texan