An Open Letter To The Vampire Diaries

Dear Vampire Diaries,

This is hard for me to write because you have been so good and so faithful to me. I love you like I love my own children but there are a few things I need to get off my chest. When I first discovered you, I could not stop watching you. You were just a show I saw in my suggestions on Netflix but soon, you became so much more. I watched three seasons in three weeks. My life became absorbed with your storyline and your love triangle between two brothers, vampires, and a doppleganger. I found myself wishing that I too could be adored by the Salvatore brothers. At first, like any TVD virgin, I found myself a die hard team Stelena. But soon, I found myself a die hard Delena fan. I to this day will not talk to my roommate when she mentions how she is team Stelena. How could you love Stelena? Their love is based on fate and the love of the original dopplegangers, Amara and Silas. That is not real. Delena has beat the odds. They have survived heartbreak and death because their love is real and not based on some prophecy. That is where my issues begin with you, Vampire Diaries.

After six amazing seasons, Nina Dobrev decided to leave. Yet, you continued on with the show. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I figured that Damon would spend his remaining seasons doing things to win her love for when she woke up. Come October, I would quickly realize I was very wrong. You introduced like eight new characters that no one cares about. What even are heretics, anyway? And can Valarie please stop lusting over Stephan? You guys hung out twice like 150 years ago. A few episodes in to the 7th season, I quickly realized that much like another beloved TV show, One Tree Hill, the final seasons would be nothing short of disappointing. My one question is, if Elena had to leave, why did you have to change the story line completely?

My heart breaks because my once favorite show has become a Friday morning chore of keeping up with it, hoping that soon it will get better. News broke a few weeks ago that Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham will also be leaving the show after season 8. Part of me was very excited. This meant that the show MUST be ending since 5 out 8 original cast members have left in the past few seasons. However, much to my disappointment, Julie Plec said that she will continue the show as long as either Ian or Paul are still a part of the show. Paul Wesley has not yet announced that season 8 will also be his final season. Now, I feel as though I speak for TVD fans around the world, please let season 8 be the last season. I want to get back to the purpose of the show. Let season 8 be the season of epic endings and finales of the complicated story lines the past eight years have brought us. Let Nina come back for the finale and lets end the show on the same note it started. That is what separates a show that goes down in history from a show that is an after thought to our generation.

I love The Vampire Diaries. In a sense, I've grown up with a sense of security from that show. I graduated high school watching that show, I got through the first couple years of college watching that show. TVD became a routine that kept me a little sane when times got a little tougher and my stress level began to rise. I hate to see a show that has been such a part of my life go down the drain. It is such a beautiful story line and a beautiful concept. Let season 8 finish up that story line and help make it a show I will make my children watch some day.

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