Open Letter To You...

Dear (insert name -->) __________

Hey, I am Angel. Nice to meet you (well, connect with you through the global web, but still you get the point). How is 2019 treating you so far? For me, it is going tremendously great except for the fact that I got a ticket today. Though its fine because you know what they say, let bygones be bygones.

Now, you might be thinking it is weird to read a letter from a stranger (lowkey kind of is). But hey listen, you and I have two things in common. The first thing is that we both are human beings. The second thing is that you might also have New Year's resolutions just like me. If you don't have resolutions it is okay. But if you do have them then welcome to the boat that everyone has hopped on called "LET'S MAKE 2019 THE BEST EVER". In other words, just change Spongebob's song "Best Day Ever" to "Best Year Ever".

Though in order to do that, we as humans have to maintain ourselves and stay motivated to reach our goals. But before that, we have to look back at 2018 on a personal level and recap all the highs and lows. Rasul Hamzatov once wrote, "Agar Tum Ateet Par Pistol Se Goli Chalaaoge/ To Bhavishya Tum Par Top Se Goley Barsaayega" Which translates to if you will try to destroy the past firing with a pistol, the future would attack you more severely like shooting from a tank. Accept your 2018 as it is and make 2019 better.

For me, 2018 was a weird concoction of things sort of like pineapple on pizza (ew). It was definitely a year for the books. During the middle of the year, I struggled a lot with mental health problems. In my true element you will find me making everyone laugh, but during this time I was completely lost and confused. Looking back at it I can see how different I was from the person I am now. Though they say with any thunderstorm the sun is bound to come up again. Which in my case it did. The sun came back and it made me blossom into the jolly person I was but like 10 times better. Despite the fact that 2018 fully knocked me out I managed to get back up. I became stronger and learned how it feels to be truly happy from within. Your 2018 could have been terrific which is great or it could have been a tough year. Whatever the case may be, the important thing to take away is that you have made it to the next year. That itself is the biggest accomplishment you can achieve.

After recapping 2018 it is important to analyze how you want to take on 2019. Most people like to hit the new year with a powerful punch, but then end up losing motivation as the year continues. No matter what your personal goals are there will come a time where life will throw obstacles at you. These obstacles could steer you away from your goals or motivate you towards them. You might question yourself because you think you are the problem or blame it on the circumstances. Though the problem is not within you or the situation it is in how you perceive these obstacles.

When Drake said, ''The power of the mind is not a joke" he was not lying.

Sometimes we as humans forget how much power resides within our mind. The thoughts we think all day shape us to become more motivated individuals and help us face life with a smile. So when life throws you a hard obstacle, instead of thinking negatively about the situation you should do the following. First breath in and look at it realistically. Then pretend your close friend or relative was in the same position and asked you for advice. Whatever advice you come up with, apply it to yourself and stick with it. This way you are bound to be successful in 2019.

I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals this year. May 2019 be a year full of happiness and successes.


Angel Kumari

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