A letter to the class that shaped me

Hey guys… it's been twenty-six days (June 13th) since we graduated. I haven't seen some of my best friends for twenty-six days. Since we've graduated, we have started college courses, been to college orientation, been on vacation, and more. We've grown up overnight it seems, and as we prepare to enter our first year of college- the first year many of us haven't been together- I want you to know that I'm thinking of you.

Most of us began together in either K4 or first grade at Pickens Academy. We walked into Mrs. Brownlee's and Mrs. Gilliam's classes and we began our journey that would bring us together. We finished first grade and moved onto second- Mrs. Jill's and Mrs. Wood's classes were some of our favorite in elementary, but third grade was the year!

We had Mrs. Cynthia and the girls were ALL Queen Esthers. This was our first year as one big class, and honestly, we were a pretty nice sized class. My house burned down this year, but you all made it bearable. You brought presents, clothes, and made sure that we had what we needed. You guys made one of the scariest times of my life okay.

Fast forward to the end of sixth grade, we were all ready to "cross the hall." We were finally going to be "the big kids." Little did we know, we were the smallest and lowest man on the totem pole, but we made it. We began to meet new friends as they entered through junior high, and they made our class better. We also lost some friends along the way, but everything worked out in the end.

We went through some tough times to get to May 18, 2018. We lost our class sponsor, gained a new one, I missed junior prom construction due to illness, we almost fell apart during senior year, and there's more that I won't subject you to reading, but we did it guys. We made it to May 18, 2018, we ALL walked across the stage, we shook Dr. Parker's hand, and we tossed our Columbia blue caps at the flag pole. WE MADE IT.

But now, that brings us to today- June 13, 2018. I just got back from Mississippi State orientation, many of you are in college courses, some of you have been to Bama Bound, and more of you are preparing to go to college in the fall. What a crazy ride this has been. We survived twelve years of shenanigans, only to leave each other and go our separate ways.

While this is the natural course of life, it definitely doesn't make leaving you guys and my home any easier. In fact- it probably makes it even harder. I can't imagine going through high school without you guys. It's been the most awesome experience of my life, and I'm so glad that I got to go through it all with you. Through the ups and downs and even the twists and turns, I'm so thankful for the friends I have in you guys.

Good luck in your future endeavors; I love all twenty-two you. You all have shaped my life for the better, and for that I am eternally grateful. If you ever need anything (any of you) I'm only a phone call away.

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate and Class of 2018 Family Forever!

All my love,

Bry <3

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