An Open Letter To My Most Inspirational Friend

At some point in your life, you will be lucky enough to meet someone who inspires you to be a better person. They will make you want to strive for things you’ve always dreamt of and help you realize what actually matters in your personal bubble of a world. Not only will they be a role model, but also one of the best and most genuine people you have the privilege and pleasure of meeting.

Lucky for me, I met this type of friend in preschool. Of course, at the age of four, I didn’t know that she would still be such a paramount person in my life at the age of 21. Growing up in the same hometown helped us stay close in distance, but distance alone doesn’t allow for a friendship to blossom the way that I appreciate how ours has. I’m not exactly sure how we stayed so close, but I'm sure as hell thankful for it each and every day that we did.

“From since I can remember, I've always idolized and looked up to you. It’s kind of weird because you are someone my age, whereas role models are usually someone older or hold some type of higher position in people’s lives. Honestly, it's awesome having you as the same age as me, and also incredibly rare. You’re someone I look to as a place of comfort and, without hesitation, will always be there for me when I need you. That is one of the most valuable characteristics a person can hold: putting others before themselves. You thrive at this. There have been countless events that I can think of where you went above and beyond to help someone in need, and went out of your way just to make sure they were okay.

You have the kindest of souls and reflect that attribute out into the world in the humblest of ways. Not only are you beautiful on the inside, but you are absolutely gorgeous physically, yet never seem to let it get to your head, which is something I, personally, think most college students fail to succeed in these days.

You trust yourself. The rational thoughts you have towards negative circumstances in your life are electrifying and unfaltering. I find it absolutely amazing that you can step back from any given situation and consciously think through the best outcome for everyone and anyone that’s affected by it. It’s something I strive to do through your example.

Above all, you are nice and accepting of anyone you encounter. To “never judge a book by its cover” is an understatement. The way you allow yourself to let others into your life is amazing and purely uplifting. You are a sunflower in a world where everyone wants to be a rose, and that fact that you embrace that, rather than try to change or adjust your morals and ideals, is a breath of fresh air. And, to sum it all up, your intentions are never fraud. You know what you want in life, know how to treat people, and last but most certainly not least, know that, at the end of the day, life is good and you are grateful for it.

I am grateful for you for always being happy, for always caring, and for always being sincere. You are one in a million and I want you to know that, through seeing this in you, it inspires me to do these things for myself. So, thank you, for simply being who you are and sticking by it. Know that it never goes unnoticed and is greatly recognized by those who surround you in life. I love you.”

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