Dear True Friends,

I always thought I had true friends in high school, and I do have some at home. But, at college, I met more. I met you guys. You have stood with me through some of the hardest points in my life and have been my backbone since the day I met you. Thank you so much for that and so much more.

We may not have been best friends right off the bat, but time has done nothing but pull us closer and closer together. I am so thankful for this and for you. I have been able to trust you with practically my life. You have changed my life, and even myself, for the better.

I cannot imagine what life would be like without you guys, and I don't want to. You make my life so much more interesting, hilarious, and I wouldn't want it any other way. We have great times together, and even bad but nothing can pull us apart. Living in close quarters has definitely proved to us that we can withstand anything and work through everything. And if you were to decide to leave, you can't. You already know too much.

When we go on break, or one of you goes home for the weekend, I don't know what to do with myself. I miss you guys more than I could ever describe and I wish I could just put you guys in my pocket so I could take you everywhere... LOL.

One day we will be each others' bridesmaids and be raising kids rather than raising madness at school. But we will never lose sight of our amazing friendships and I can say this with complete confidence. You are my forever friends and I am so happy to have you guys.

Thank you for always having my back, protecting me from the worst, supporting me during the best, and making me laugh until I cry. I could never and would never replace you guys with anyone or anything else in this world.

I love you, guys.

With Love,

Your Third Musketeer