Dear Six Flags Management,

I want to thank you for a job well done at managing your parks. Or, at least, the one in Georgia. I can tell you all are really working to the best of your abilities!

Well, actually, maybe I don't know if you do the best job at everything. Your parks are expensive, first of all, and your bathroom doors don't all lock. But one thing that I can definitely vouch for are the seasonal events.

This year, I finally had a season pass and could make it to Fright Fest. The decorations were amazing, the people that were the characters were scary and menacing, the show was actually really good and the availability of rides was great, too. There were a lot of people -- a testament to how well the event was executed -- and we all were scared together. I definitely liked it; would go again.

But the reason I am writing this article and this open letter to you is because I absolutely love the Holiday in the Park. Everything about it is perfect, and I truly do not believe that the holiday season would be complete without attending this event. The lighting is absolutely perfect; the tunnel when you first walk in is vibrant and gives the village a totally magical appeal. The carolers at the tree are quaint and cute, the holiday foods and foodstands are the best -- bread bowls for soup? hot chocolate? perfect! - and the surprises around every corner are super cute. My favorite has to be the forest of light trees, though, near the train station; they are completely breathtaking.

It's so much fun to ride the rides at night, as well! The views from the top of Goliath or Acrophobia are amazing and there's none of that crazy sweating that usually is annoying. The city skyline is watching, and even the parking lot looks pretty. And with the Christmas lights.... wow.

I have one quick problem -- I wish it was open on Friday nights!! I'm trying to leave school at sixth period and camp to FINALLY sit at the front of Goliath, of course. But in all seriousness, I believe that you are losing money by not opening Friday; there has ALREADY been an instance in which I would have definitely come (and I live far from Austell), but Friday was the only night I could do it. And, in fact, I would venture to say that Friday would be more profitable than Sunday (if you could only pick one night to be open).

So, thank you for these amazing events but especially Holiday in the Park. If I could make a suggestion, I would call for Friday hours! But in general, I appreciate everything that y'all have done.

Merry Christmas!

A satisfied customer