Only An "Old Soul" Would Understand

In today's modern way of thinking the genuine people are considered "Old Souls." The core comes down to those that stand by authenticity. Yet, being genuine comes with a few characteristics that can be misinterpreted and overlooked.

1. People Assume You Have An Ulterior Motive

You want to surprise people? Be genuine. It throws people off. People often wonder what our goal is beneath it all. There has to be a reason she smiles all the time. No one is that happy. Our goal is not to surprise people- it is strictly to offer solidarity to the world. Someone needs to stand for truth. So no, there is no ulterior motive. Unless lacing words with authenticity is considered a motive.

2. You Clash With People

Your personality may not mesh with every person- it comes with not trying to please everyone. Genuine people understand not everyone will agree with your thought process. Others think being accepted by all defines your worth. To some that may ring true- you may identify with social acceptance. A genuine person defines themselves based on their honest projection of their personality.

3. Some May Be Jealous

Although someone may define themselves based on their friend number or Instagram likes, not all want that thought process. Sometimes people prefer the genuine person to the most “liked” girl on social media. Being genuine means being unpredictable. Choosing not to alter your personality for someone or a situation creates a mysterious response. It keeps people on their feet.

4. You Lose Friendships

It is not about the number of friends. For you, it is about quality. If someone is unhealthy or “fake” then you choose not to invest. Actively being consistent with your personality may turn people off. Or frighten them away.

5. You Have Few, But Tight-Knit Relationships

Being genuine does attract certain people. To those it turns on- you find quality; quality relationships, friendships, and interactions. Requiring honesty and truth in each relationship filters out the in genuine people.

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