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Think Before You Post, Sometimes Your Opinion Sounds Like An Attack

How we interact online is important!


In this life, people can't and won't agree on everything. The beauty of being human is that we have the right and ability to speak our minds and share our own unique opinions. As someone who grew up with their opinions being constantly repressed, gaslit, and ridiculed, my voice is something that I treasure to no end.

Something that I have learned is that it takes courage to do this--to use your voice. I can't begin to describe to you how much I had to internally reflect and work through to be able to find this inner strength...and I still monumentally struggle with.

Another thing that I've had to learn and grapple with is that there is a monumental difference between respectfully sharing your opinion and demeaning someone else's voice and existence. Because of this day and age, everything is out in the open with social media and the rise of ever advancing technology. While this is great, it also comes with so many negative side effects that we don't necessarily consider.

Which means that there is an, and I'm sorry but I'm gonna go all Spider-Man with this, ever-growing responsibility concerning HOW we use our VOICES. If we are to accept this responsibility, we need to learn how to, as I've said before, respectfully share our opinions, to debate without tearing the other down.

I can't describe how many times I've considered just cleansing myself of all social media because of the constant irresponsibility and negativity that reigns over the comment sections, as well as the platform. It literally hurts my head and heart to see how hateful people can be to one another.

Fv bn It is our responsibility to use our voices in a way that reflects the best versions of ourselves, one that is indicative of the way we want to be spoken to.

The comment sections, in particular, are just becoming increasingly toxic.

Now here's where my tangent begins, and I do apologize:


(can you guess what I'm about to say?)


Now, this is completely common sense, for those who are frantically wondering about "free speech".
There is no need to attack a complete stranger for their opinion in a comment section that is on a public platform. When you take the time to think about it, and this is something that I've come' to realize, is that ONE interaction...that ONE rude comment....will shape people's view of you. For better or for worse, your online presence can define you. Scary thought, isn't it? Sometimes I have to wonder if we consider this before we post. I definitely am guilty of posting a rant or purposely posting something completely opposite of an opinion I saw out of sheer spite.

So, here's my call to action:


It has WEIGHT.

It has POWER.

Please, please, please, think about this before you speak.

Before you tear someone down.

Before you attack.

Words can be weapons, so keep that in mind.

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