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Driving home this week I had an old familiar tune begin to play on the radio, "Armistice Day" by the great Paul Simon. Simon has written many good songs, but "Armistice Day" is highlighting the end of WWI or "The Great War". When WWII ended, rather than create a new holiday, it was renamed Veteran's Day. Simon calls out those soldiers who were killed, how we are gathered in public for what seems to be a celebration, is really a somber occasion in the minds of all the attendees.

In 1918 the World was at war, the allies and German seemed to be duking out their issues in the most physical of ways. The mustard gas and the trench foot left permanent marks on our "boys" who went off to war. The American Doughboy, along with many European Soldiers, saw the most hellacious conditions ever seen in this war. Those boys went off to war not knowing what would happen on Flanders Field, or in the Ardennes.

9 million soldiers died defending the world from evil.

Today our country is not thankful for the hell these men endured. Humanists in Maryland want to remove the monument citing that it represents religion being forced upon them.

In conclusion, WWI veterans are not recognized as much as they should be. WWI ended 100 years ago this Sunday and it seems like ancient history to all young generations. I do not understand how history has swept the history of under the rug and allowed it to be forgotten. We as Americans have done lots to recognize the War Between The States, WWII, and even the Vietnam War. YEt, we have done so little to honor the American Doughboy. There is an artist who commemorated the doughboy in a great monument, there are several similar throughout the United States.

History has definitely given WWI soldiers the short end of the stick. If we are giving soldiers such little recognition in 2018, what will these men receive for recognition in 2118? We must do something more to preserve the honor and integrity of the men who died in WWI. The last war with no surviving citizens remaining throughout the entire world.

Instead of just going to church, out to eat, and then some grocery shopping, I urge you to take a minute and honor the memory of the WWI soldier, and be thankful for Armistice Day! Listen to a song, sing the Star Spangled Banner, or watch a documentary. Most of All on the 11th hour of this Sunday, take a moment to remember the sacrifice that these soldiers made defending freedoms in WWI.

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