Olivia Jade Shouldn't Be Slammed On Twitter, Yet She Deserves To Know Her Impact

Olivia Jade Shouldn't Be Slammed On Twitter, Yet She Deserves To Know Her Impact

With a following of almost 2 million millennials on YouTube, Olivia Jade's impact is more than just a video every week.


It's fascinating to realize that in this digital age we are able to communicate with one another instantly and implicate one's identity by a scandal or situation which can immediately result at the end of a career. It's happened with YouTube stars, and it occurs daily with famous figures that we grow to love and hate on a daily basis. Olivia Jade is one of the most well-known YouTubers on the web yet is stuck in a scandal due to her family's poor actions.

It's so simple to create a tweet, just a few lines of thoughts that occur over a situation or something that may grind your gears. We create these thoughts and share them on a platform with many other people who may think the same or different. With these thoughts becomes drama, and along with this platform, we are immersed in this news as it's the only thing we can think about.

Olivia posted a video talking about how she doesn't really care about school, she was just looking forward to game days and parties. After seeing the reaction of how people felt about the video on social media, she decided to make an apology. She realized her impact was so important that people were giving her backlash due to her tainted vocabulary and her careless speech. With the College Blues scandal occurring this was only another hit against her.

As a millennial, it's hurtful to see that the depiction of older generations of us is so tainted due to what they see us handle situations and opinions in the media. There are always arguments and dramatic elements of the news that result in meme culture and other ways of displaying the joke factor of what is currently occurring in the world. Do we do this to cope?

Yes, somewhat, the world has become such a foggy place over the past few years and it's becoming very hard to see the sun at this point. Us millennials do what we can with what we've learned and seen to draw light upon situations, yet still, keep up with the news. It doesn't make it right, but it doesn't make it wrong either. Olivia Jade's channel has been watched millions of times and she has a major fan base of viewers that watch her content daily.

Our first amendment right of freedom of expression allows us to speak upon whatever we feel is important or we are overall just passionate about, to begin with. If we didn't care about the world around us, we wouldn't be speaking about these matters so frequently and quickly online. It's simple to think that we don't care or are just making jokes about the situation, yet that's the furthest from the case as each and every one of us has a voice and opinion. It's scary how much one person's dumb, irrational decision could impact so many other aspects of life.

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13 Name Ideas For The Taylor Swift Album Rumored To Come Out In 2019

And every theory that has come from over-analyzing her Instagram.


Since it's been almost a year and a half since Taylor Swift released her last album, "reputation," the world is dying to know when we're going to be given new music from the queen herself. In an interview, Taylor said that the next album will be here before she turns 30, which will be this December.

This only means one thing: the new album has to come out in 2019.

While many people suspected an album release in the Fall because that's what Taylor has done with the past 6 albums, all signs are pointing to a release date much sooner than that. With all of the anticipation for the rumored new album, fans and news outlets are scrambling to gather any clues that they can find that might reveal the theme or the name of the next album.

While Taylor definitely knows what she's doing, here's 13 name ideas that she should totally consider using:

1. "13"

The number 13 has been known to be Taylor's lucky number, so it's already a shock that she has never named an album after this number. Given that 2019 is the 13th year of Taylor Swift, maybe this is finally the year...

2. "Take Me Home"

The rumors that this album will take us back to Taylor's country roots are alive and well. Could this Instagram photo of herself reminiscing on her childhood be a hint?

3. "Pennsylvania"

Similar to the "Take Me Home" theory, if the album does turn out to be similar to the music from "the old Taylor", she could potentially name the album after her Pennsylvania roots.

4. "Begin Another Me"

The FBI works hard, but Swifties work harder. If you go through all of Taylor's captions from the "new era", beginning with this Scrabble picture from October 21, 2018, the capital words spell out "Begin Another Me". Now that she's addressed her "reputation", is this her fresh start album? We killed the old Taylor, but is the new Taylor now coming to the phone?

5. "Love, Taylor"

It's how she signs almost all autographs. It's simple, and honestly, it's my favorite possibility out of all of the theories.

6. "To, Joe"

Similar to "Love, Taylor", there's speculation that this album will only consist of love songs for Joe. Would she go as far as to dedicate the whole album to him?

7. "Mermaid"

She wears a mermaid shirt in the closing credits of "The Reputation Movie", there's a mermaid patch on her camo jacket from the reputation era, there's a mermaid in the background of the "End Game" music video, and she even dressed as one for Halloween. She is the queen of planning and dropping hints. Were these all ways to tell us the name of the next album?

8. "TS7"

It's simple and stupid, but maybe she got so sick of the fans calling the album "TS7" that she just gave up and named it that.

9. "Crimson"

Are we just hoping for a second version of her "Red" album with this one? Definitely. But, hey, if we finally get the full 10 minute version of "All Too Well", I think it's well worth it.

10. "Forget Me Not"

There's been multiple times recently where she's been seen wearing clothing with Forget-Me-Nots on them. Honestly, it's such a cute album name, too.

11. "Sounds Of A Different Season"

There's literally no theory behind this one other than that her new Instagram theme has sported colors that Taylor hasn't used since the Fearless and Speak Now eras. Especially if this album does turn out to be a Spring or Summer release instead of her traditional late Fall releases...

12. "Next Chapter"

During her acceptance speech at the AMAs she ended with "I'm even more excited for the next chapter". This was the first time that she hinted at the next album and fans were quick to critique her specific word choice. While "Next Chapter" is a line from her "Speak Now" album, it could also be the name of the next album. Maybe the next album is even self-written just like "Speak Now".

13. "Paradise"

Finally, the most popular and believed theory of them all. After the infamous 7 palm tree picture took Instagram and made all of the album theories explode, fans quickly decided the album will definitely have a tropical feel and may even be called "Paradise". In fact, over the past 2 years Taylor's made many references to palm trees in her wardrobe and music videos. She even wore a patch on the Reputation Tour that said "paradise". Oh, and was anyone else confused about the patch being sold on her website that was 2 pink dice? They were a "pair of dice"...

Only time will tell. But sooner rather than later, please, Taylor.

One thing's for sure, our theories probably aren't even close to accurate.

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Kim Kardashian West: Attorney At Law

People are underestimating her, much like how Warner Huntington III underestimated Elle Woods.


If you've been paying attention to social media, then you may have noticed the little announcement that Kim Kardashian West is participating in a 4-year law apprenticeship with the intention of taking and passing the bar by the end of it. Yes, you heard that right. THE Kim Kardashian. Armenian bombshell, reality show star, businesswoman, and most importantly, the most famous crying meme you'll ever see around.

I'll be honest with you, I don't particularly like the Kardashians. I used to watch their show religiously, but then they got super into promoting appetite suppressants and waist trainers in their social media and I wasn't about that unhealthy body-image life and I stopped following them. However, I do have a certain level of respect for her and how good of a businesswoman she is, because as much as people hate her, they can't deny that she has an empire built around her, no matter how superficial and expensive it is.

Beyond all of that, a lot of my respect for her comes from her and her husband Kanye being loud and unsubdued voices on Criminal Justice Reform. Many people have heard about Kanye's unabashed support of Donald Trump, but putting those feeling aside (however hard they may be), much of what Kanye has done by schmoozing up to Trump, is bring attention to the bigger picture of our broken justice system.

Back to Kim, in May of 2018, she went to the White House and spoke to Trump about prison reform as well as the possibility of pardoning Alice Marie Johnson. One week after her talk with Trump, Johnson was pardoned from a life sentence and was set to be released from prison after serving about two decades for a first-time drug offense. It was this instance that really drew Kim towards law.

This past week, Kim announced that she was going to become a lawyer and since then I've heard many jokes and comments about her and these particular ambitions. These comments mostly come from people who are not of color. These comments come from people who don't understand the hardships that this justice system imparts disproportionately against people of color. These comments come from ignorant people, but I get it. I was taken aback by it too. However, she is using her money, name, and fame to do some really necessary good in this world and for that I applaud her.

So join me in welcoming and wishing her the best at using her fame for something good. Kim Kardashian West, Criminal Justice Advocate and Lawyer.

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