Olivia Benson, the star character on "Law & Order: SVU" is, in my opinion, the best female character in the business. She has been my role model for as long as I can remember and here's why — she is incredibly strong, she fights for other people, and she sometimes goes against popular opinions because she believes something needs to be done.

In her backstory, she grew up with a mother who got pregnant by sexual assault. Obviously, there wasn't a father in the picture. Olivia didn't know this for most of her childhood and just thought that her mother didn't like her. Her mother wouldn't so much as look at her, most of the time. I couldn't imagine growing up and feeling as if I were hated by the one person who was supposed to love me unconditionally.

Olivia finally discovered the situation and realized why her mother acted that way towards her. I think this was still hard on her character, but she only let that hurt and frustration help her to become a successful detective. She focused on the field of sexual assault.

Olivia had a close relationship with her first partner, Elliot Stabler. They were like two peas in a pod. They worked well together, they understood each other, and they played off each other's strengths so that they were able to do their job well. The show is worth watching for so long because you can see two coworkers have an amazing bond. Olivia and Elliot were partners for 12 years; they were together through hard cases, good times, and times that they just needed a shoulder to cry on. They always leaned on each other while doing their job. That helped me grow even more invested in the show. it helped me realize that life gets better and that when you feel like no one is around, there most definitely is someone.

Olivia Benson is the strongest person I know. Figuratively, of course. She didn't have an easy childhood, and, as I stated before, she felt that she wasn't loved. She could have grown up to be someone with no compassion. Instead, she grew up caring for everyone. She grew up with the mindset that everyone deserves help when they need it. She demonstrates how to be strong even in the hardest situations.

In Season 15, Episode 21, William Lewis, who previously kidnapped and tortured Olivia, took her to an abandoned building where he was holding a little girl hostage. She agreed to meet Lewis because she wanted to save the little girl. When Olivia saw the girl, she told her to turn around. The man gave Olivia two options — he could rape her first, then the little girl or he could rape the girl first, then Olivia. You can probably guess what she chose. At that moment, Olivia was the most scared she’d ever been in her life, but she was still strong for the little girl. They went on to play Russian Roulette and Lewis ended up taking his life. Even after this, Olivia continued to catch rapists and put them behind bars. She went on to become Lieutenant of her precinct and, if you ask me, she did a fabulous job. After all the obstacles that in her way, Olivia remained a strong and admirable character.

Olivia is always on the side of the victim. She knows when she needs to provide support and will always fight for them. In many episodes, Olivia even risks her job to get justice for the victim. This just shows her dedication to helping others and bringing an end to rape culture. She is willing to risk her position to get the evidence she needs to put a rapist behind bars. Some may look at this trait and think that she should care more about her position, but the way I see it, she is risking her job because she believes that the victim is worth it. Olivia fights for each victim — no matter the consequence — until there is substantial evidence to do otherwise.

Last but not least, she fights for victims when no one else believes them or when they don't have enough evidence. In so many episodes, you watch as Olivia fights for victims who are being unheard. She fights for the ones who deserve a chance. She can tell when someone is genuine and can see when their body language is an indication of their experience. This demonstrates her strength, her willingness to fight for others, and her dedication to the job.

For these reasons and countless others, Olivia Benson is the best female character in the business. I will always stand by her. I will always watch "Law & Order: SVU" like it's my job. I will always want to meet her or at least watch them film in New York City. Olivia Benson has inspired me to be a strong, independent woman and, for that, I am forever grateful.