There's nothing wrong with being a younger sibling, but you're not the supreme. I was the original daughter and will forever be the better daughter and here are my reasoning's why:

1. I always got shotgun 

I didn't even have to call shotgun. I just got it. Growing up, I was always legally allowed to sit in the passenger seat while my sisters were too young and had to sit in the back. With that on my side, I claimed my territory years in advance.

2.  They always had to do things for me

From miles away I could always be heard screaming "Courtney, come here" and our most common text messages are "Can you do me a favor?"

3. I "won" fights, even if I actually lost

We fought... and it was pretty often. But we were still best friends. A win for her is a win for me, even if I was the loser in that instance.

4. Stealing their clothes was a right of passage, because they always got my hand-me-downs.

Stepping into my sisters' room when they were somewhere else was like heaven. It was like an adrenaline rush not knowing how long you had to choose what you wanted to steal.

But them stealing my clothes was totally rude and unfair.

5. There were just a few short years of getting all of the attention. 

Katie Petrilak

It's not like I actually took advantage of it. I was young. I didn't know I would need to take advantage of it.

Thanks, mom for your undivided attention.

6. I was more mature.

Katie Petrilak

I fell in love with them first. After a certain period of time, it wasn't about being cool and being the older sister. It was cool to be friends with them. Not so sure if I took advantage of this, but it did work out to be an advantage because I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything in the world.