13 Summer Trends That Are A Major Blast From The Past

13 Summer Trends That Are A Major Blast From The Past

These thirteen must haves for every girl's closet this summer have been around for decades and finally making it back to stores.


This isn't the first time any of these fashion trends have been worn, they've all made an appearance in our parents generation and maybe even our grandparents. Even though these accessories are from decades past, that doesn't mean they are out dated a bit. Every time these trends become popular again, we always seem to find a way to make it our own and personalize it. These thirteen trends may have already seen stores, but we're all still rocking them every day this summer.

1. Mom shorts


Every girl is digging the mom shorts this summer, especially if they're destroyed and frayed. High rise denim is making a serious come back.

2. Belts


Whether you're accessorizing with a gaudy black leather belt or a simple white shoelace, belts are back.

3. Chokers


Going out? Going to brunch with your family? Going to an 8 am? There's a choker for all occasions.

4. Tube tops


Seriously, at this point what girl doesn't own at least two tube tops? They pair perfectly with your destroyed mom shorts and are the perfect simple summer top.

5. Birkenstocks


I personally vouch for how comfortable and versatile these shoes are. I couldn't survive summer without them in all honesty. The best part about them is that you can rock them with pretty much every outfit.

6. Rompers and jumpsuits


Summer just wouldn't be the same if girls didn't walk around in jumpsuits like it's 1985.

7. Overalls


Overalls are back and they aren't just for the country loving girls, they're a summer fashion staple for every girl. Just a tip, they make the perfect outfit when worn with one of your favorite tube tops. Even better when the overalls are cut offs made into shorts.

8. Crop tops


Does anyone even wear shirts that fit right anymore? Even when I buy a regular t shirt, I make sure to tie it up or cut it off to make it into a crop top. This is definitely a phase, but taking full advantage of it while it lasts.

9. High rise bikinis and one piece swim suits


You know, those one pieces that were worn by every eighty's female lifeguard in the movies, yeah those are definitely back in. High on the hips and cheeky one pieces are the only way to do a one piece this summer. As well as high rise bottoms for your bikini, very trendy.

10. Bell bottom jeans


The wider the bottom, the better. Finding a pair with embroidery on the pockets or down the seam is the key to really pulling bell bottoms off this summer.

11. Denim skirts


Oh yes, tuck that shirt into your high rise denim skirt and work it. They're adorable and retro, just like every other fashion you're sporting this summer.

12. Scrunchies


Yes, scrunchies are back, but they aren't just cool to hold your hair back anymore. They also double as the perfect summer bracelet. Slide a couple scrunchies on your wrist and the outfit is complete.

13. Jean jackets


There's been a theme throughout this listicle and it's definitely been denim. So naturally, the denim jacket has made the list. Super trendy and it's literally a must have for every girl's closet. There is nothing better than breaking out your jean jacket after the sun goes down on a summer night.

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Feel beautiful every day, just save the leggings for lazy days (or better yet, wear nothing at all).

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