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10 80s & 90s Shows That Are Totally Worth Watching

Tune into these totally tubular shows for a righteous good time!

10 80s & 90s Shows That Are Totally Worth Watching

The 80's and 90's were an amazing time for television. A handful of the best and most iconic sitcom shows came up during this time, being full of quality and feel-good moments. Lucky for us, many of these shows are still airing on television and are available on many streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Below are some of the best TV shows of the 80's and 90's that everyone should watch.

1. "Murder, She Wrote"


The Murder, She Wrote series follows a woman named Jessica Fletcher on her many adventures in Cabot Cove solving mysteries of all sorts. Jessica is a retired English teacher who, after she becomes widowed, turns into an acclaimed murder mystery author. She also turns out to be quite the sleuth, solving murders in her hometown and across the country with the help of friends and law enforcement. Following the conclusion of the series, Hallmark produced four different television movies adapted from the popular show.

2. "Golden Girls"


Television would not be the same without the four women of the Golden Girls. Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose all bring something enduringly funny to the screen as they live together under one roof. Whether it be Dorothy's sarcasm, Roses naivety, Blanche's vainness, or Sophia's bluntness I can guarantee you'll be smiling all the way through.

3. "Family Matters"


Steve Urkel and the Winslow family forever changed television for the better, and if you've never experienced their silly antics then you have some catching up to do. The series follows the Winslow family and their interactions with each other and their annoying, yet enduring, neighbor Steve Urkel.

4. "The Nanny"


Fran Fine is a Jewish-American cosmetic saleswoman who finds herself as the nanny for single British Broadway producer named Maxwell Sheffield in the heart of New York. Fran, who's nasally voice and flamboyant personality doesn't mix well with the snooty Sheffield's initially, turns out to be exactly what they need in their family. Overall a heartwarming series with hilarious moments that everyone can appreciate.

5. "Home Improvement"


Based on the stand-up comedy of Tim Allen, Home Improvement shows the very best of family life. Allen plays the main character Tim Taylor, who is a witty know-it-all who also tends to be prone to accidents. He hosts a show called "Tool Time," in which he talks about home improvement techniques, many of which go beyond the use of tools and go into the dynamics of building a family.

6. "Diagnosis: Murder"


This series features Dr. Mark Sloan, an observant medical doctor who can not resist a good mystery. His son is an officer with the LAPD, and Dr. Sloan uses this as a way to often get involved in the investigations of various murders and crimes. Using his expertise as a medical professional and background of serving in the army, Dr. Sloan proves to be an incredible detective. Like Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis: Murder has had several TV movie adaptations made of it.

7. "Touched By An Angel"


This show is all about a trio of Angels who come to Earth in order to better understand human life, encourage people with God's messages, and otherwise do other heavenly tasks. Many people would have the idea that Angels already know everything there is to know, however in the show we see that these Angels are learning just as much as the people they are helping.

8. "Law & Order"


One of, if not the, best criminal justice shows to come to our screens, Law & Order portrays the complicated and harrowing process of finding innocence and guilt in our justice system. Also multifaceted, this show has various related programs that tap into the interests of different viewers and shows various different types of criminal proceedings such as Criminal Intent, Trial and Jury, and Special Victims Unit.

9. "ER"


Before there was Grey's Anatomy, before there was MD's and Saving Hope, there was ER. The series follows a multitude of individuals in various occupational roles (nurses, doctors, medical students, etc.) and how they must cope with the life or death situations of hospital work. Showing the gritty work of an emergency room mingling with lots of drama and some romance, ER is definitely a must-watch for my binge-watching friends.



Not many shows are as iconic as Friends, and in recent years streaming services such as Netflix have seen its enduring popularity among young people. The premise of the show is about six young adults who all live together in the same apartment building in Lower Manhattan, and their experiences with finding jobs and finding love. Full of funny banter and relatable struggles of young adults, I have a feeling this show will continue to rank as one of the best shows of its generation.

Next time you are sitting around contemplating about what to turn on next, why not start one of these amazing shows? Don't skip out on some of the best years of television, and get your taste of the nostalgic 80's and 90's!

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