Stereotypical gender roles should be over
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Gender Roles Are So Old Fashioned And Society Needs To Get Over It

I'm sick of people associating gender and sex roles to individuals.


I'm going to get right to the point with this article. I hate gender stereotypes. For a man or for a woman. They're stupid. They're getting more stupid when you include sex and race in them too.

The other night I am with my friends in the car. Two of them are women and dating each other. They start telling stories about how when they're out in public how much judgment they get more dating each other. In a society so open now, how could people judge these woman for being together? Well, that wasn't the end of their story. They said they actually get people that come up to them and say "Hun, well neither one of you look like the manlier one." "Who is the male and who is the female?"

So hold on a damn second. Are you telling me that in relationships now in this 21st century progressive society where we protest everything, write our opinions on basically anything (including myself right now), can identify as anything. Do we still need to have stereotypical gender roles in relationships? No, no, NO.

I just want to get the word out there. Stereotypes are gone now. The older generation of stereotypes should be demolished. We have gotten so far, how are people still assuming and expecting this.

I'll start with the men. Men do not need to be a "stereotypical man." Frankly, that turns off a lot of women Mr. Manly Men out there. A woman doesn't want her man to not tell us how we feel or shut us out or down. We want men to be open and compassionate. We like sensitive. Hell, I do. This goes for all genders. You shouldn't feel emasculated for crying about something sad.

You shouldn't feel less like a man for caring about your appearance or fashion. This doesn't make you "a woman" or "make you have a vagina." Offensive terms I hear constantly that need to be thrown away. I am a woman and I have a vagina, does that automatically make me not strong, overly sensitive and emotional.

As a woman, I find it incredibly offensive that men still feel the need to help me. I was parallel parking into a spot at Downtown, West Palm Beach. I am with a friend, doing perfectly fine. This man is walking about, he sees my parking and feels the need to stop what he is doing and waves his hands back to tell me how to park.

How much further I need to go when to stop and keep going. SIDE NOTE: I am an excellent parker. I do not mean to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT. I don't need anyone to show me and tell me how to park! I yell to this man out of my window as nice as possible "I don't need the help, thank you." But he continues to move. It was aggravating! If you're going to count stereotypes, I have been a better parker than all the men I've been with and better than I lot of guy friends I know.

I know how to park, I know how to shop for myself, I can go on appointments alone, I can cook, I can bartend, I am intelligent. I do not need anyone, man or woman to assist me.

Little stereotypes like that really piss me off. Whether a man cares about fashion and is labeled as gay. A man crying over a sad movie and that makes him sensitive like a woman. A woman being strong and wearing more masculine clothing and that makes them a horrible word that I refuse to type out, but I hope you understand the word I'm implying. Just because two men are dating each other or two women, a stereotype shouldn't fall on them to dress and act a certain way.

Just because I am a woman, the stereotype of me cooking and cleaning and not knowing how to do simple task shouldn't be a stereotype anymore. I bleed once a month for a week and can do the same task as a man and better. Any woman can. And lastly, a man shouldn't be made fun of for doing anything "not masculine" and then be insulted by being called a pussy, vagina, girl, or woman. It's absurd. I am extremely sick of these gender stereotypes that then affect sex, race, and other stereotypes.

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