I'm sure many people feel where I'm coming from on this. Who doesn't love a good game night! Whether it's cards, board games, or even games off of the Wii/Playstation/Xbox! All games are fun and they keep us from getting board. However, I want to take it back old school and focus mainly on card and board games, no offense to those who are loyal to their gaming devices. As we grow older, we stop playing with board games and we move on to bigger and better things, but whose to say we can't keep playing games! There is nothing like a good old fashion game night with your family or even a group of friends! It's better than wasting money and going out to the club if you ask me.

Recently, my city, as well as many others, were hit by Hurricane Michael and lost power for a couple days. I didn't have power for three days and I mostly slept because I thought I was going to die of boredom. After the storm hit and I finally regained power, all I could think about was the fact that I really needed to invest in more games that don't require power or internet.

1. Scrabble

Scrabble is so fun but at the same time so incredibly irritating! I love playing and testing how smart I am but I feel the utmost frustration when I have bad letters or those who go before me take the spots I wanted to use.

2. Uno

Who doesn't love Uno? It is such a classic card game and it's so entertaining because you never know how it's going to end. One second you have one card left and think you're about to win and then the next second you have 12 cards.

3. Monopoly 

Monopoly is so much fun and can be so competitive if you're playing in a large group. I love buying property, even if I don't have the funds (monopoly money of course) to do so. The best part is passing go and collecting $200!

4. Cards Against Humanity 

I wouldn't really consider this an old game to reminisce about but I felt like I should add it because it's such a great game. It's so entertaining, especially in a large group. This is definitely not one for the kids!

5. Candy Land

Wow, I really haven't played Candy Land since I was back in elementary school. I remember loving how colorful it was and how the game pieces were children!

6. Twister

This isn't a card game or a board game. I don't really know what type of game this is but it's very interactive and so fun! It helps if you're flexible and have good balance! You can definitely make this game more fun by incorporating paint that is the same color as the circles on the grid!

7. The Game of Life

To be fair, I never played this game as a kid but I always heard about my friends playing and would get jealous. I do think it's appealing that it simulates a life, from college to marriage to kids.

8. Battleship

Battleship is a game that I really hate to play because I am so bad at guessing. I always end up having all my ships sunk before I manage to even sink one of my opponents ships.

9. Hedbanz

Hedbanz is definitely not a game for you if you are not patient. However, I am an impatient person and I do enjoy this game. I do get very frustrated when it's been 45 minutes and I still have no idea what my card is. Also, does anyone else have a hard time getting the band to stay clipped around their head, or is that just me?

10. Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders was one of my favorite games as a kid! The best part would be going up a ladder and the worst part would be going done and being behind.

I hope you enjoyed this list and that it made you want to go buy some games! I might suggest doing a game night once a month with my roommates or my friends and so should you!