Why It's Okay (Even For People With Disabilities) To Have Bad Days

Working with the body that you're in, especially for a person with a disability, is HARD. It doesn't really matter whether it be physical or mental. It also doesn't matter whether the degree of the disability is mild, moderate, or severe. There are some days when it is just difficult to do certain things, like getting up in the morning to so your daily routines, or doing something that you've always been able to do. Sometimes, a person can do one thing, and not do the other.

There are bad days for everyone, so why are people with disabilities treated differently? Why are we considered to be lazy, unmotivated, or negative thinkers, all because we can't or won't live up to ablest expectations? Why can't we live up to our own expectations instead? Why can't we be satisfied with the lives we mold, based on how we want to live?

No, I am not using my disability as an excuse. All I am saying is I am human, not a 24/7 functioning robot. There are days when I am exhausted, or just don't feel like doing anything. By the way, we are all humans, and don't we know the body needs to rest, and that people have different biological makeups?

We need to start seeing the word "disability" as a form of diversity, and not as a bad thing, or something that completely limits a person who may have it. We need to start embracing people for their diverseness, and not shunning them for it. And we need to see people as individuals, and not as people, because we are not the same, and have different needs.

By putting people with disabilities up to ablest expectations, it belittles us and our needs for certain accommodations and does not allow us to live life the way we want. It also makes us objects of inspiration based on surpassing those expectations.

Having bad days is a part of living, and it does not mean anything inherently bad. People with disabilities are not bad either. We should let go of the notion that people are supposed to constantly move, or be productive. Sometimes it is okay not to move, or not to do something. It is okay to have limits.

I would like everyone to remember that it is okay to have bad days, whether you are disabled or not. You don't have to live up to the world's expectations. Just be you.

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