Last night, I was reading a devotional on my phone called "Whisper: How To Hear The Voice Of God," and it asks the reader when the last time was that they invited the Holy Spirit to talk to them, or even the last time they invited God to talk to them. As I thought about this, I began to pray.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Talk to me; let me hear God's voice.

Of course, me being an extremely impatient person, I only waited about two minutes until I couldn't handle the silence anymore. So then, I began talking to God again, beginning my road to my latest revelation. Personally, I'm a big believer in connectedness (read more about collectedness here). Essentially, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that we are all connected in some shape or form; we are all a part of a larger picture.

For me, I think God is the artist of this larger picture. When I was explaining all of this in my prayer to God, I realized that He could be communicating with me and I'm just not using the proper method to listen to Him. He could be talking to me through the raindrops falling on my skin or the sunlight shining on my face.

Taking a moment to think about this, I turned my head to look out of my bedroom window. I noticed an abundance of fireflies glowing back and forth to communicate. Suddenly, it all hit me, and I said to God,

"God, maybe we're meant to communicate like fireflies."

Right after saying this, I felt this warm feeling in my heart, like the glow of a firefly, and I knew God's heart must have been glowing, too.

Often, I think Christians tend to get frustrated with God because we think He is ignoring our prayers. However, I don't think that's the issue at hand whatsoever. Rather, the problem is that we forget the difference between hearing and listening; listening can be hearing but hearing isn't always listening. So then, we are left angry with God for not talking to us, but the reality is that we're oblivious humans.

How can we expect to listen to what God has to tell us if we're only using one of our senses to do so?

If you're one of those Christians or, heck, maybe you aren't even a Christian, angry with God for giving you the silent treatment, I don't give up on Him. Find somewhere quiet to talk to God, and pray for him to heighten the activity of all of your senses. Pray to be more in tune with His presence in your surroundings. I promise you, you'll hear God everywhere after.