My Day At The Ohioana Book Festival

My Day At The Ohioana Book Festival

While I have yet to go to a music festival this year, the Ohioana festival celebrating authors and books at the Columbus Library was pretty awesome.

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My friend and I arrived at the Columbus library's main branch at 10:45 AM as the food trucks were setting up and the book festival was just beginning. The festival is a gathering of over 150 authors with books across all genres available to purchase through Bookloft, an independent Columbus bookstore. There were also events going on all day for some kids and teens. I learned about this event through an email on Short North events I read last night, and we decided last minute to go. We took the long and slightly off-track route via the ever wonderful COTA bus service then walked about a quarter of a mile to the library. This is the first time I had been to the main library, and I was in awe of the mix of classic and modern architecture, the open spaces, and that there was a cafe.

There was a schedule with a series of panels from "The Poet's Corner," "Debut Fiction," "The Creative Life," and more throughout the day. We walked through the fair section, where the authors were set up in booths around the room to converse and display their books. I got to met new people, recognized some authors including Mindy McGinnis, a young adult fiction author of the suspenseful Not a Drop to Drink, who had visited my local library before. I enjoyed listening to the authors talk about their books and asking questions, and was sad I had to remind myself that I could not buy a book from every table. I did come away with one however, Darwin's Mother a poetry collection by Sarah Rose Nordgren, and a couple of used books from the library book shop.

We went to the "Historical Fiction" panel and the "Creative Life" panel, which featured Ohio State's own Frederick Luis Aldama, an Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of English. Both panels provided insight into the research and creative process, aspects of the publishing industry, and all around advice for writers. The festival went from 10:30-5PM, and by the end we were ready to get back to the dorms and start reading our purchases (instead of studying for finals).

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