Oh Sh*t, I'm Graduating
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Student Life

Oh Sh*t, I'm Graduating

When reality strikes and the mortgage bill comes through.

Oh Sh*t, I'm Graduating

Congrats to me,

I'll be graduating in one month's time by the very moment this article will be finished. Done with the stressors of countless nights, painstakingly writing essays upon essays the day before it was due. Done with the emails constantly nagging me about possible scholarships to apply to, and goodbye to the Provost emails that I thoroughly enjoyed deleting from my UNM email account. Congrats to just sticking to the program because in our current time; that's really all that one needs to do in order to graduate.

Stick to the Program, Don't fail, and trust, You'll Pass.

With everyone and their Mother having a Bachelor's degree; I'll need to go into a Master's program in order to be competitive in my field. Yeah, I could have went into Engineering and would have had a job lined up for me as soon as I graduated, but where's the fun in doing something that I would not want to do for the rest of my life? I'm not knocking down Engineering either, it's tough and if you're really good with numbers then it's right up your alley, but it just wasn't up my alley.

So you're probably wondering;

"Hey Skyler, I know that you ramble all the time, sometimes it's funny, but most of the time I'm completely clueless as to where you're going with it like right now."

Thanks hypothetical reader let me explain.

I went to get my Cap and Gown recently for the graduation ceremony, and while I was there, there was a stand with a lady trying to sell me graduation rings. Now the person there was super friendly and I appreciate all of their help in considering that a ring might be for me; great sales pitch by the way,

It's almost like you say it to every senior.

Regardless, (Lowkey Shade)

There's one thing this person said that really stuck with me

"You should be proud that you're graduating, that's a huge achievement."

Right at that moment I felt empty.

But why Sky-Sky?

Well, because, I know that I need more schooling and this is only three-fourths of the battle. Yeah, getting a Bachelor's degree is cool but that's about it. It's just cool. Doors open, but in order for the right doors to open within my field, I'll need need two more years. It's interesting because growing up, all we hear is about the times where getting a Bachelor's degree meant owning a house, having a successful job, maybe even living the nuclear family dream. We hold onto these old ideals thinking that we too could have the dream once we graduate; we work endlessly in hopes for a better life only to graduate and then the next day being as if you never graduated and it was like any other day except for the fear of homework being due.

Let's be real,

It's not like the very moment they call your name they say,

"Skyler Davila, Degree in Communication, here's your new Career!" As I walk from the stage to CNN (I wish only every night). No, it takes time and guarantee within five years time, people will be asking why I didn't get my Master's. The Bachelors degree will be the Associate's equivalent and I'll have to remind myself of the stressors of the educational system once again, but this time I'll be working a 40 hour job; could possibly end up with two or three kids all by two or three different women, paying child support to each one.

Baby Momma drama, Mortgage, and Endless work. Oh my?

Ultimately we learn to be effective, but to what ends? We say this is what you need to learn to compete with the others in your field, but why do we have to compete if we are all going for the same goal? Why does the educational system point us towards eachother and tell us either you win, or you lose. Then again,

Let's be real, no one's forcing you to pursue education.

True, but again I could try my luck like Bill gates and create the next Apple equivalent (same person right?). But here's my point with that, we know who these people are, we can count them. People like Bill Gates are the anomalies, of whom the people who don't choose to pursue a higher education cling onto. As if they would win the lottery, and that's definitely what not pursuing a higher education is. A gamble, you either strike hard with potential mediocre bucks, or you fall into a endless pit; trying to pawn off your high school graduation ring for half of your next months rent.

(Damn that got dark)

But Regardless,

What happens after a Doctorate? Rather, what happens when we get to the point where the Doctoral degree because the Bachelors equivalent?

Wait a second, if the Doctoral degree becomes the Bachelor's equivalent someday, does that mean that we'll have to call everyone Dr. (Insert name here)? Does that mean that every time someone addresses someone else they'll have to look outside of the window with a pair of thin glasses, looking ever so coy through the blinds like in the soap operas?

(Customer) Ok Doc, you gotta tell me what's the diagnosis?

(Wal-Mart Employee) *Takes Glasses Off* "The milk is in isle (pause) four."

Damn, I'd love to watch that go down.

All that aside,

These are just some random tangents that ran through my head as I bought my Cap and Gown. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bless to bless and keep away from stress y'all.

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