6 Rules That All Women Should Follow
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6 Official Unofficial Rules From Women, to Women

The official code for women.


There is girl code, but using the word "girl" for grown women who pay their own bills makes me cringe a little. Besides, I feel we should reform the "girl" code because it mostly revolves around guys and relationships.

This guide will help us treat other girls with respect, kindness, and understanding; which is really hard to get these days. You now don't have an excuse to say "Other women don't like," "Other women are so complicated," or even the well-known, "I hang out with guys because it's less drama."

1. Restroom etiquette

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ALWAYS carry perfume or leave some Febreze spray in the office restroom. The bathroom is frequented by everyone at one point or another and it is very inconsiderate not to have clean flower smelling restroom for other ladies.

2. Acknowledging each other in public

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If you see a fellow female and you both make eye contact you must give each other the "we don't have to talk but I see you" smile. It just lets her know that you see her and that if she needed help or in any given emergency, y'all could help each other.

3. Female friends' boyfriends (or girlfriends)

It should go without saying that they are off limits, but I'll say it anyway. You can have a friendship with anyone and everyone just make sure you respect your fellow females. Even if they aren't your friends I'd say stay away from that, because it is just too messy.

4. Body etiquette and body types

Ashley graham

I've seen and heard it all from women, but just because you're insecure about your "flaws" doesn't mean you can scrutinize someone else's body type. Trust me, they do that to themselves, and if you're worried about their health, ask yourself this question: "Did she ask for my opinion?"

If the answer is no, just move on with your life. Society has set some weird standards for us and its good to have other females on our side.

5. No age pressure

justice strauss carpe diem

We are all at different stages of our life and some get married too young, too soon, not soon enough, not young enough, and other little details that are irrelevant. No one should feel pressured to fit into this age mold that dictates when its the "right" time to make milestones in your life. Like I said before, society has tried to shove us into these roles that make no sense. Let's move past them and breakthrough them.

6. If she looks uncomfortable, then she probably is

From painful high heels to painful awkward conversations with creepy guys harassing a fellow female then walk up to her and pretend you know her from somewhere.

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