'The Office' Characters As Dog Breeds

'The Office' Characters As Dog Breeds

"Business is a doggie dog world. And I am a shark, who eats doggie dogs." -Michael Scott

My two favorite things in this world are "The Office" and dogs. So, what better to do than write an article combining them!

1. Michael Scott: Golden Retriever

Just as Michael Scott might be the first thing you think of when you think of "The Office," the golden retriever is what you think of when you think of a dog. Both Michael and golden retrievers are loyal to their friends, great with kids, smart but can sometimes act sort of stupid, and most of all loving. Golden retrievers do not make good guard dogs because they are friendly and loving to everyone, even strangers, and Michael is the same way.

2. Dwight Schrute: Wolf dog

Dwight is definitely the most unique character on "The Office," so I had to choose the most unique dog I could find. As it worked out, the wolf dog is actually incredibly similar to Dwight. Like Dwight, the wolf dog tends to be aggressive. They're both very stubborn with a "what's in it for me?" attitude. However, they do have a sweet side and might be a little sensitive-- but they try not to let that show.

Jim Halpert: Husky

This is the best legal photo I could find of a husky looking into the camera like Jim. Jim and huskies get along well with pretty much anybody. They're athletic and independent, yet also like companionship. They both require physical and mental activity and are very clever. Like Jim, the "Siberian Husky is inclined to use his intelligence in clever ways that suit his own purposes." Jim's carefully thought out pranks can be compared to the husky's elaborate attempts at escaping!

Pam B. Halpert: Border Collie

Like our favorite receptionist-turned-office-administrator, the border collie may be shy at first. However, once they are out of their shell they both are great at herding! Pam is excellent at rallying everyone behind a cause just like a border collie is great for gathering all the animals together!

Phyllis Vance: Old English Sheepdog

Just like Phyllis always seems a bit sad, so does the old English sheepdog. However, like Pam and border collies, the old English sheepdog is great at herding and is maternal just like Phyllis.

Ryan Howard: Jack Russell Terrier

Arguably the most accurate match up, Ryan and the jack russell are eerily similar. Both are small but think they're all that. Jack russells consider themselves to be the same size as a great dane, and although they do not match in stature, they do match in the size of their ego. When Ryan worked for corporate he thought he was all that, but really he's still just the fire guy.

Kelly Kapoor: Pomeranian

They think they're all that and yap if they don't get their way.

Andy Bernard: Beagle

...Ok so I don't really have an explanation for this one... All I'm saying is that if the 'nard dog was an actual dog I think it'd be a beagle.

Erin Hannon: Dachshund

Dachshunds and Erin Hannon are both cute and energetic!

Kevin Malone: Pug

Pugs and Kevin both have certain charms. You either love or hate them. But if you feed them, then they'll be your loyal companions.

Stanley Hudson: Bassett Hound

Basset Hounds always look like they don't give a crap. Neither does Stanley.I know there were a bunch of characters I missed, but maybe you'll see them in another article!
Cover Image Credit: Youtube

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12 Not-So-Boujee Must Haves For Your First Home/Apartment, If You Want To Actually Survive

Broom > Swiffer. Trust me.


Whether a college student or just moving into your first home or apartment, here is a list of things you probably didn't know you needed.

1. Shower Curtain Rod. 

In my furnished apartment, I was thinking the past tenant would have left this item. WRONG. Walmart is going to be your best bet for getting this, I went to at least three other stores first, and none of them had it so save yourself time and just go to Walmart.

2. Organizers. 

I was lucky enough to already have one. However, drawer organizers are so important. Not only do they save space for me in my apartment and on my desk, but it acts as my nightstand. Living on the fourth floor of my apartment, the last thing I wanted to do was haul a wooden nightstand up to my room. So get an organizer that has wheels, they usually have colored drawers so they can follow whatever color scheme you have going on.

3. Wall Decorations. 

I'm usually not one worried about decorating, but the walls will feel empty without even a cheap poster from Walmart or family photos. Something about decorating just really makes it feel more like home, than if you had just an empty room.

4. Oil Diffuser.

This was new to me. However, not only does my oil diffuser give a little extra light when it's on, but my room always smells amazing now, even if the rest of the house smells like food. Scentsy pots work too, but with the oil diffusers there's less mess and you can use oils similar to DoTerra for health and mood benefits.

5. Tinfoil. 

We all eat food. And let's be honest, college students are lazy and life is so much easier when you can just throw tinfoil on top of your dish and toss it in the fridge. Especially when you're in a hurry. Yes, that's also what Tupperware is for but you also can use it for cooking in the oven.

6. Rugs. 

Most kitchens are hardwood or tile of some sort, having a rug in front of the entrance and in front of the sink are essential to creating less mess to clean. We have a lot of guests in our apartment and since we don't have carpet anywhere but our rooms, it is tough to ask for shoes off so having a rug at the front door can cut down the amount of dirt tracked in.

7. Lamps. 

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8. Dry Shampoo. 

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9. Extension Cords. 

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10. Broom. 

Yes, a broom. Not a swiffer. Sadly, if you have more dirt than dust, a swiffer will do you no good. You can get a cheap broom at just about any store that carries any cleaning supplies.

11. Paper Towel Holder. 

I mean you could go without but it does make things more convenient. Also looks nicer than just having a roll of paper towels sitting on the counter.

12. Cooking Oil. 

Super easy to forget, but used more often than you think. Cooking oil is used for so many things, and if you have a kitchen, make sure you have it. Nothing is worse than having a meal planned and finding out you don't have cooking oil.

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