7 Things That Are On Every Odyssey Writer's Holiday Wishlist

Dear Family, Friends, Santa, or whoever is reading this right now,

If you’re still struggling to decide what to get us for the holidays this year, look no further. I took the liberty of generating a list of things us Odyssey Online writers REALLY want during those seven or eight nights or under our Christmas trees!

And if you can’t get us these things, no worries! We’ll accept cash, checks, or gift cards instead!

1. A Waterproof Notebook

An absolutely essential tool for when inspiration strikes in the shower! After all, we do come up with our best ideas for articles while bathing, and we’d hate to lose them!

2. "The Associated Press Stylebook 2017" to use when editing our own articles

Even though this would be more of a gift for our editors than it would be for us...

3. More views on our articles

Especially from potential employers who want to hire us to write for them!

4. A premium subscription for “Grammarly” (or another grammar-checking tool)

Because many of us still forgot, where to put those commas or which verb tense to use from time to time...

5. The cure for “Writer’s Block”

Just as long as it's not in the form of a vaccine! (NOPE NOPE NOPE)

6. For our family and friends to actually read our articles

I’m calling out the loved ones who "like" our articles on social media without actually reading them.

YES, we know who you are and YES, sometimes we can tell...

7. More time to write!

This year, consider giving the gift of EXTRA TIME.

What else would you give as a gift to the writer in your life this holiday season? Tweet me your ideas @missjulia1207!

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