To The Future Odyssey Writer, You Will Be Okay

To The Future Odyssey Writer, You Will Be Okay

Keep writing what you love and remember the impact you are making to you and to the person reading.


Coming into writing for Odyssey I didn't know what i was getting myself into. I had never written any sort of article, blog, feature, nothing. This was really leap of faith and just hoping I could make some sort of difference. So, to any future writer, you will be OK and coming to Odyssey was one of my best decisions and hopefully it will be yours as well.

I really thought when i joined that I was going to set the world ablaze with deep works and let people know I had arrived or whatever. Okay, well that has not happened but I have had an amazing time writing. Not every article is going to be this ground moving piece that's going to make people think.

Sometimes writing that listicle of "10 Beauty Hacks" is something that can connect just as well. You want to think that every time you put words onto a word document some big time publisher will come along and see it. Maybe it could happen, but it doesn't have to, as long as you like what you have put down that's all that matters.

Pro tip, read your friends articles as well. Give them some feedback let them know that you care about their work as well. It is a great way to make friends and also let them know that you have their back. Everyone in your group is trying write some great and passionate content just as much as you are.

Don't be a dick and rip their article and say what you would have done, not cool bro. Instead, give them some feedback and ask them what they meant they used a certain word, phrase, adjective, etc. Be a good friend and be there for your fellow writers, they can also help you too!

I want to reiterate here, WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE. Write about the things you love, don't try to go for 20,000 views every time. If you're going for views every time you write, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. It's not about the fame, glamour, or being the next big thing. Writing is one of the best art forms in the world, let your writing bleed with passion and show that you care about something. Don't be fake is the point here, write passionately.

This might be the biggest words of encouragement I can give you, don't pay attention to the views. This is honestly the easiest ways to get psyched out from continuing to write for Odyssey. I'll be honest, I have had articles that have only gotten 30 views tops and yeah cannot lie it did get me down. Nothing is worse than having the feeling that no one cares about what you wrote about. But, really that's not true at all.

Out of those 30 people that read my article, maybe it made a real difference in their life and that means a lot. That's what I can tell you, no matter what your writing is making a difference in someone's life, never ever forget that. Do not let the views destroy you, keep going you're making a difference.

To all the future Odyssey writers and maybe this goes out to those that are already here. Keep on writing and always remember that you are definitely making a difference to not only someone reading, but to yourself. Even if it is a silly listicle, it is your silly listicle. Or if it is something that you needed to share to other because it was deep to you, someone probably has had the same experience as you. Your writing will bring people together. Keep making art with your words.

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What To Do When It Rains During Summer

Summer is the perfect time to soak up the sun, but what do we do what it goes away?


For the past week in lovely Pennsylvania, I have been unable to escape the dreary, rainy weather. I always get super bummed when it rains all week during prime pool time, but it can honestly be unavoidable. Since I have been stuck inside virtually all week, I have discovered some things you can do when it is gross outside during the summer that can still be fun!

1. Go to a local diner. 


When it's raining, one of the perfect things to do is to go out to a local diner and get some food. One of my favorite diners in my area has a 1950's theme which makes going there even more fun. Diners are the perfect location for dreary, rainy days. In all the movies and television shows, you see characters sitting in dinners with raindrops all over the windows, so it is totally on brand for the situation. In addition, cute, neon, themed diners are great photoshoot locations, so you can make awesome Instagram content while passing time on a rainy day.

2. Binge watch some shows.


This one is obvious! With all of the video streaming networks, it is impossible to not find something interesting to watch. I have watched countless television shows these past few dreary days and they are all very interesting! I have recently watched When They See Us and Trinkets on Netflix, but the options are endless. Of course, we are likely to binge watch all summer no matter the weather, but take advantage of the weather so you are able to spend more time outside when it's sunny!

3. Learn to cook. 


While you are inside trying to figure out what to do with your time, maybe try cooking! I will admit, I am not the best chef, but why not experiment with some new lunch or dinner dishes while you have nothing else to do! I have recently taught myself to make homemade gyro sandwiches with all homemade ingredients! The possibilities are endless. With Pinterest, Tasty videos, and simple recipes you find online, you could seriously improve your skills! If you get good enough, you could impress your friends when you get back to college!

4. Do an at-home workout.

Not everyone has access to an at-home gym, but there are so many resources for home workouts. Creators like Whitney Simmons do a ton of equipment-free workouts that are super easy to do at home. In addition, while scrolling on youtube, I have found music-based workouts. They are workouts done by creator, MadFit, and they each go along to a popular song. They're short, sweet, and work your whole body! It's a great way to workout while also listening to your favorite songs!

5. Read a book.


We all read a lot when we are back at school, but those books are never for our pleasure. When you're stuck inside, why not try out a new book that could actually bring you joy? I love reading by the beach, and sometimes it can be hard to read indoors because of all the other distractions. But when there's nothing better to do, why not? Try a new genre or find a book that resonates with you, whatever works! Once you start reading, you'll lose track of time and maybe it won't be raining anymore once you're finished.

Rainy days in the summertime really put a damper on plans, but we can make the most of it! All of these things have kept me busy these past couple of rainy days, so I'm sure you could find something to do too!

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Poetry on Odyssey: A Lost Writer

Sometimes your best writing comes when you least expect it and when youre in misery. But sometimes it never comes back and your essence slowly diminishes into writers block.


I am lost. She is lost

Writers block is creating a black cloud in my brain

And my fingers can't seem to think freely like they used to

My writing is my livelihood but I haven't had a time to

Introduce my poetry to the new me

She used to write from the abyss of emptiness she felt

A place so dark, darkness itself doesn't dare go in

And it's not like that place is gone

It's not like she could tell her new self to forget and reconstruct

Because from that place, she was born

She lifted herself from the ashes of the paper she burnt

Because she didn't deem it good enough

Because she didn't deem herself good enough

But her self-esteem only lifted her to the point of living

But never feeling alive

So she would spill her guts on the paper

Her beating heart dripped of red ink

And for those few pages, she was alive

But that part of her has slowly whittled

She tries to enjoy the little things now

To make an effort to go out with friends and leave the house

However, the constant moving and refusal to go back

Has left her in an empty abyss within her own writing

A place so empty of words that the silence is deafening

I am happy. She is complicated


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