To The Future Odyssey Writer, You Will Be Okay

To The Future Odyssey Writer, You Will Be Okay

Keep writing what you love and remember the impact you are making to you and to the person reading.


Coming into writing for Odyssey I didn't know what i was getting myself into. I had never written any sort of article, blog, feature, nothing. This was really leap of faith and just hoping I could make some sort of difference. So, to any future writer, you will be OK and coming to Odyssey was one of my best decisions and hopefully it will be yours as well.

I really thought when i joined that I was going to set the world ablaze with deep works and let people know I had arrived or whatever. Okay, well that has not happened but I have had an amazing time writing. Not every article is going to be this ground moving piece that's going to make people think.

Sometimes writing that listicle of "10 Beauty Hacks" is something that can connect just as well. You want to think that every time you put words onto a word document some big time publisher will come along and see it. Maybe it could happen, but it doesn't have to, as long as you like what you have put down that's all that matters.

Pro tip, read your friends articles as well. Give them some feedback let them know that you care about their work as well. It is a great way to make friends and also let them know that you have their back. Everyone in your group is trying write some great and passionate content just as much as you are.

Don't be a dick and rip their article and say what you would have done, not cool bro. Instead, give them some feedback and ask them what they meant they used a certain word, phrase, adjective, etc. Be a good friend and be there for your fellow writers, they can also help you too!

I want to reiterate here, WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE. Write about the things you love, don't try to go for 20,000 views every time. If you're going for views every time you write, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. It's not about the fame, glamour, or being the next big thing. Writing is one of the best art forms in the world, let your writing bleed with passion and show that you care about something. Don't be fake is the point here, write passionately.

This might be the biggest words of encouragement I can give you, don't pay attention to the views. This is honestly the easiest ways to get psyched out from continuing to write for Odyssey. I'll be honest, I have had articles that have only gotten 30 views tops and yeah cannot lie it did get me down. Nothing is worse than having the feeling that no one cares about what you wrote about. But, really that's not true at all.

Out of those 30 people that read my article, maybe it made a real difference in their life and that means a lot. That's what I can tell you, no matter what your writing is making a difference in someone's life, never ever forget that. Do not let the views destroy you, keep going you're making a difference.

To all the future Odyssey writers and maybe this goes out to those that are already here. Keep on writing and always remember that you are definitely making a difference to not only someone reading, but to yourself. Even if it is a silly listicle, it is your silly listicle. Or if it is something that you needed to share to other because it was deep to you, someone probably has had the same experience as you. Your writing will bring people together. Keep making art with your words.

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The Key To Being A Good Person

Becoming a good person takes time and it takes effort.


There are many things and factors that make a person good. There aren't a lot of factors that make a good person, there's a difference. Becoming a good person takes time and it takes effort. The key to being a good person is all within the person. There are elements that help people to be good people, but it mainly results in the person, themselves.

1. Listen.

Being a good person comes from listening. There are many people who have experienced certain things that they can tell you. All you need to do is listen. By listening to someone you are increasing your ability to be wise. Listening to avoid mistakes that someone else has made is important because it can save you from repeating those mistakes. While you're listening, your mouth is shut. You are not trying to give your opinion or thoughts, you are listening. Wise people don't have much to say because they listen and internalize things.

2. Forgive.

Many people do not like to forgive. Forgiving someone for something bad they have done to you is difficult. It's easier to stay in that mindset to remain upset with someone because it is easier than forgiving them. Many people are stubborn and don't see the reward in forgiving someone, especially if it may be intentional. The reward for forgiving someone is that you are letting your soul become free. You are free from the hurt and pain.

You do not forgive someone because they ask you too, you forgive someone for you. You are taking the time to become a better person by relieving the negative thoughts and toxins from your mind and spirit. You are becoming a bigger and better person by challenging yourself to do the things that are difficult.

3. Be selfless.

Good people are selfless. Selflessness is important because you do not think everything revolves around you. You have that ability to put yourself last for others. It is not always a good thing to put yourself last, but showing you aren't a selfish person is important. Being there for people when they need you, having their back and caring for others are qualities that exemplify a good person.

I am a very selfless person and I hate that I am this way because people take advantage, but I cannot help it. I enjoy being selfless because I love to see people happy.

Good people aren't perfect and I hope I'm not making it seem like they are. Good people are honest, caring and kind. These are the people who have your back and care for you through it all. Good people always look at the positives. Good people are firm believers in positivity and trusting in others because everyone always trusts in good people.

You have to be honest with yourself. That's one of the biggest keys to being a good person. You have to be honest with yourself, that's the only way you will progress in your life and the only way you will be a good person. Consequences will follow whether they are good or bad when you're honest, but that's what makes you a good person.


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As A Black Male, I Believe We Can Be Toxic Misogynists Just As Much As White People Can Be Racist.

African American men may not have been able to vote until 1870, but women weren't able to vote until 1920


From birth, I've learned slowly more and more detail about the horrors that come of black history. Learning of the hate that was brought upon African Americans as if "American" stood no part in that nationality. Yes, laws have come to change this even more slowly than it took to digest my own history, yet while that speaks many accolades on its own that's not the issue I'm going to be speaking about.

I know heads will turn when I mention "Black Male Privilege" because we are so used to what many people know as "White Privilege," but that is not to say it isn't a common issue. You might think of how much of the incarceration today is primarily Black people. Often times that is usually male. That also has much to do with racial profiling and gender stereotypes. So no, black men certainly do not have it easy. The question is, however, do we have it easier than black women?

We have always existed with the only ones having less power than us, being women. African American men may not have been able to vote until 1870. However, women weren't able to vote until 1920 which was half of a century later. Imagine being a black woman having to endure through both hardships while still building up, supporting, marching alongside us, just to be pushed over to the side. Yet how do we treat them?

In the world today, black women are constantly referred to as "hoe" or "Bi***." It's hard to even listen to music without them being called a derogatory term. In fact, it has gone so far that us men have used the word "female" as a "safe means" to call them out of their name disrespectfully. But of course, not all black men are like this. There are some good ones out there. We should just ignore it because it will all be good if we just trust in them right?

WRONG! That is the exact same excuse we use when talking about the racial injustice between white people and black people. Dr. Kristian H explained this well when she said "You explain that they benefit from our racially unjust system, and simply not being overtly racist isn't enough. If they accept the benefits of the unjust system and do not try to dismantle it, then they are in turn part of the problem. Again, that is why this white analogy is so perfect." (Kristian H) She perfectly proves that we can be the biggest hypocrites, and day by day we go forth proving her right.

So yes, Black Men can be the White People of Black People. Essex Hemphill perfectly summarized it up in the poem "To Some Supposed Brothers" when he said: But we so-called men, we so-called brothers, wonder why it's so hard to love our women when we're about loving them the way America loves us. They share the same colored skin we do, they jump over the same hurdles except twice as much. The question is: Are we going to keep tripping them up?

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