Odyssey Vs. Forces

Odyssey Vs. Forces

What Sonic can learn from Mario

With Super Mario Odyssey being one of Nintendo’s best games ever and Sonic Forces being one of Sega’s less proud moments, it would seem to make sense to take a look at what the red-capped plumber is doing and how it might help the blue blur to get back on track.

5. Emotion over plot

Odyssey’s narrative is much simpler than Forces’, but that’s not a bad thing. Whereas Forces trips over plot holes and iffy dialogue in its quest for a “deep” story, Odyssey is more about instilling players with a sense of adventure through its charm. A real investment in a simple plot should always be taken over a complex story but with no reason to care.

4. Physics, physics, physics

Somehow, Mario has better rolling physics in Odyssey than Sonic does in Forces. That shouldn’t be a thing. Sega needs to look at how Nintendo applied momentum and physics to Mario in 3D and work that into Sonic’s moveset. This is especially true since rolling around at the speed of sound is kind of what Sonic is supposed to be best at.

3. Focus, darn it!

Forces has three distinct play styles, but none of them feel particularly well-developed. Odyssey has only one main play style, but Nintendo was able to do so much more in terms of variety with it because of this focus. Sega needs to figure out how to make Sonic fun to play as first, then maybe they can branch out to related but unique alternate characters like Tails and Knuckles. The hedgehog hero has struggled with this for decades, so it’s high time Sega sorted it out.

2. Identity formation

Odyssey knows exactly what kind of game it is. It’s fun, and everything in it is instilled with a sense of wonder. It has a great balance between its overall surreal world and some realistic elements to spice things up. Forces, on the other hand, can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be a serious drama or a goofy, lighthearted romp. Sonic is tortured, but there’s still dumb jokes and a bunch of bright grasslands in the game. Sega needs to pick one and stick with it.

1. Sonic needs substance

Size isn’t everything, but it matters. In video games, I mean. Odyssey can take 15 hours to beat and around 75 hours to complete, and most of its content feels meaningful. Forces, on the other hand, is three hours long tops, and everything after that is pure padding. Sega needs to figure out how to lengthen games without resorting to filler so that Sonic can stick around a little longer. He can move fast, but he shouldn’t be gone just as quickly.

Cover Image Credit: Sonic News Network

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10 Reasons Buying A Fitbit Is The Best And Worst Thing That Will Happen To You

Do you even Fitbit?


We all have or know of someone who has joined the Fitbit craze. They are amazing, are they not? A watch, a step counter, a calorie counter, a sleep tracker and, in some models, a heart rate monitor. How awesome is that? They have definitely become a new "trend." I see people all over campus and the gyms wearing them.

After wearing mine nonstop for a couple months, I realized 10 reasons why it was the best and worst decision to purchase one.

1. I find it motivates me to take more steps each day.

It really is motivating. Kind of silly, though, that something as simple as a step counter can actually make you want to take more steps. It definitely inspires me to get up and get moving.

2. On days I do not meet the daily step goal, I feel like a lazy bum.

If I don't reach 10,000 steps, I feel like I've accomplished absolutely nothing. Sometimes, I'll look at the number of steps and seriously question if I ever even stepped out of bed that morning. How can I only have 3,000 steps in a day? Yep, sadly, it's happened to me.

3. When I'm just "so close" to the 10,000 steps, I find myself walking around aimlessly in circles just to reach the daily goal.

Yes, I will admit it, I have a problem. I see 9,000-something and then I become SpongeBob and Patrick.

4. When I do reach 10,000 or higher, I feel embarrassingly accomplished.

Did I run a marathon? Did I run for president? Did I win the lottery? Nope! I just hit 10,000 steps and I feel like I did all three (it's pathetic).

5. Having competitions with friends via the Fitbit app makes you want to do way better.

OK, I will confess... I have cheated. (Sorry, friends.) But when you're beating me by 10 steps, what do you expect!? I am competitive and the Fitbit app has only fed my competitiveness by either making me work out longer or cheat (only a little).

6. It makes you realize how good, or, in my case, how bad your sleep pattern really is.

It really is awesome how it can track your sleep, I won't deny that. But holy cow, until I bought one, I didn't realize how terribly I slept during the week and how lazy I am during the weekend. Seriously, four hours on weekdays and nine on the weekends—is that normal? Not sure, but at least my Fitbit can track it!

7. I find myself refusing to take it off, even when going out and looking cute.

It is pathetic, I know. But how could I take it off when I am potentially going to get thousands of steps going place to place? Why wear my cute watches or bracelets when I can wear my super cute Fitbit?!?

8. When I go a day without it, I find myself feeling empty.

How will I know how many steps I took? How will I win the competition? What if I hit 10,000 and I don't even know!?

9. It is the easiest way to check the time in class.

You can format it any way you want, but my favorite is so I can click it and it shows the date and time. I can simply click the side button, and there's the time. Sometimes, I find myself clicking it every. Single. Minute. Until class is over.

10. I cannot go anywhere without the charger.

It has become equally as important as my cell phone charger because if it dies, how will I know how many steps I took?

Cover Image Credit: meme generator

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SOMESING Launches Music Ecosystem

Using Blockchain Technology


To address the big challenges faced by the current music industry, SOMESING has developed a social music service based on blockchain technology.

Basically, to phase out the inefficiencies of the traditional karaoke system, SOMESING has designed an extraordinary platform, which will help music lovers users follow their passion and benefit them economically for their contributions within the ecosystem. The company has leveraged blockchain technology to offer unlimited free music services and create a fair compensation system. Developed in 1970 in Japan, Karaoke is the most interactive entertainment forms in the world. It allows users to recreate popular songs over pre-recorded music using a microphone. From Karaoke machines to user-friendly and convenient applications, this globally reckoned entertainment form has witnessed tremendous transformation has an active user base of over 500 million.

SOMSING will launch its first ICO on February 11, 2019, and is set to issue 10 Billion SSX tokens. Now, the user will get a long list of popular songs that they can choose to recreate for free depending on their preferences. Further, to get a free song wallet, music enthusiasts just need to upload the songs on the system. This secure music wallet will incorporate coin in the form of events, gifts, and supports etc. The coins will be stored for a predetermined time period post which the tokens will be distributed among the users through a smart contract based on their contribution.

To provide a unique experience to users, SOMESING has integrated state-of-the-art technologies to offer the following features :

  • Sync and Sound – Key attributes include Note base adjustment, voice and audio control, Control Accompaniment (MR) volume, Effect contract functions such as echo, reverb, room size.
  • Duet – Edit function, Mimic function, Switch button for male/female sections
  • Video – Key feature will be MCN function
  • Free access to more than 400 thousand Karaoke music covers including K-Pop and other different genres at any time.

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